Acne and Causes
Learning the Basics

Acne and Causes - For those of you who are looking for answers on what causes acne I can narrow this down for you into a handful of factors. As more of the following elements are present the worse your skin can become.

  • Blocked pores - Blackheads are formed as a result of oil and dead skin cells being blocked in the hair follicles clogging the pores and festering because they can't breathe. Pimples then develop, can become infected and turn into whiteheads or pustules thus resulting in acne.

  • Oil glands - are known as sebaceous glands and are connected to a hair follicle. The oil glands produce sebum that lubricates the hair follicles and skin. Puberty and stress effect hormonal changes which can contribute to enlarged glands. The opening on the skin is the pore which comes in various sizes. Usually the larger the pore the oilier your skin will be.
  • Poor Hygiene - not taking care of your skin can contribute to acne causes. The formulas of the products you use have to be oil free and made specifically for an acne skin. Never use alcohol on your skin.
  • Infection - when the skin around the pore becomes inflamed, red or swollen it is the body's immune system telling you it is trying to rid itself of the bacteria your body has produced deep in the skin. It manifests itself as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples or cysts.
  • Diet - does not cause acne. Certain foods can aggravate the condition but your diet does not cause acne.

Types of Acne

Acne vulgaris in its mild to moderate form is the most commonly occurring acne. Its breakouts include:

  • Whiteheads are pores not exposed to the air. They are totally blocked with the dead skin cells, bacteria and sebum.
  • Papules are red bumps that get inflamed and can be very painful. These bumps should not be squeezed due to the scarring they can cause.
  • Blackheads are essentially whiteheads that have opened exposing them to the air. The oxygen is what turns a whitehead black.
  • Pustules that are inflamed have a yellow or white center with a red ring around it. Cysts tend to be large red areas imbedded deeper in the skin.

Severe acne vulgaris has cysts and nodules involved in the breakout. Nodules are much more painful lesions than the ones that happen in the milder forms of this acne. They are also larger and can last a long time. These bumps are hard and located under the person's skin.

Bottom Line - acne and causes comes down to overactive oil glands in the skin and an accumulation of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria leading to inflammation in the pores.

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