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Acne laser treatments - are a growing choice for help with stubborn acne. These have been around close to 50 years and are used for a host of different treatments. When having a treatment the goal is to kill the germs causing the problem and at the same time to shrink the oil secreting glands.

My Findings on Laser Treatments

  • Unfortunately the jury is still out as to whether this is the best form of treatment for acne. Even doctors can’t agree. I think for the person with acne it doesn’t hurt to check out all your options with your dermatologist. Laser is usually recommended for the most severe cases and only your doctor can adequately advise you.
  • If you are struggling with acne you have probably used a range of over the counter products, prescription creams and antibiotics with varying results. Every case of acne is different and even with all the treatments available breakouts can still occur.
  • Excess amounts of sebum and dead skin cells accumulate in the hair follicle and clogging begins. As the pore becomes more clogged the follicle wall can rupture increasing the amount of accumulation of oil and skin cells. Acne can then become worse when triggered by inflammation and infection.

  • When topical and oral treatments do not successfully produce enough results, there is always the option of doing acne laser treatments. These treatments are able to reach the deeper layers of your skin without any damage to the surface. The downside to laser is it can leave the area feeling and looking very dry with temporary redness.
  • There are several types of laser and light therapies available. They are generally somewhat costly and it is unknown as to who would benefit the most. As this is merely an overview, I highly recommend you seek out professionals to avail yourself to the broader scope of information available.
  • Diode laser treatments are able to destroy the sebaceous glands without effecting the surface of your skin. These treatments work well and have about 83% effectiveness in only 3 treatments. There is some pain involved and they can cause some swelling and temporary redness.
  • Blue light therapy is a painless procedure which exposes the skin to a low intensity blue light source. Multiple treatments are usually required. Area can become dry and temporarily red.
  • Pulsed light and heat energy therapy is used to destroy acne and shrink the sebaceous glands. It uses heat and light to decrease the oil production.

Acne Laser Treatments and Scar Removal

Removing scars after you have battled getting your acne under control is possible. Laser scar removal can make some very positive claims with this procedure.

It uses high energy light to vaporize the top layers of your scarred skin. My sources tell me it is one of the best acne treatments for scar removal available.

Results are very positive with just one treatment but this varies with the individual. The recovery time is a bit longer than other procedures available and taking good care of your skin prior to the treatment is important.

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