Aging Gracefully Starts At an Early Age

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Aging Gracefully - No matter how hard we try the signs of lines and wrinkles will eventually happen. To what degree can only be determined by the good habits we have developed to date. So what can we do to minimize the impact of growing older? If we haven't done much from an early age it's never too late to start. There are many things we can do to ward off the effects of aging with much success.

I am going to list the positive things you can do for the maximum benefits of aging gracefully. Many of these ideas will not be new to you and although you have heard them before let me ask you honestly... are you doing them?

Checklist of Daily Anti Aging Activities to Grow Old Gracefully

  • Smoking - dramatically increases lines and is a major health concern. I think we have come a long way to recognizing the dangers of smoking. It absolutely plays havoc with your skin and I guarantee you the wrinkles will be far greater than if you are a non smoker. Of course we all know the serious health effects associated with this habit.
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  • Healthy Eating - as we age our metabolism slows to a crawl. Our bodies are telling us we need to eat less. We need to control our intake of food but more important we need to eat the right foods. Small changes to our diet can add up over time. Did you know it takes 500 extra calories per day to lose one pound per week. It also takes eating 100 extra calories a day to put on 12 pounds in one year. It's all about eating healthy calories and this is my husband's weekly reminder to me as I aim to control my own weight - calories in vs. calories out. I found a great program online that I use to help me. It is so easy to use and hope it can help you. . The dividends of eating a nutritious diet not only have your skin looking great but the health benefits are amazing.

  • Exercise - we need to keep moving. Granted we don't move as fast as we did when we were younger but doing some daily exercise is so helpful. I don't think you have to belong to any fancy gym. Get out and walk preferably outdoors and up hills. It is one of the most basic exercises that anyone can do. As our bones age we also need to do some weight bearing exercises. Sun Exposure - Do you wear your sunscreen with zinc oxide everyday of the year? Start today. UVA damage is causing aging, brown spots, cancer etc. regardless if it's 10 below or a heat wave.

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    Sleep - we joke around about getting enough beauty sleep. Well it is appropriately named and I would encourage you to get 8 hours per night. Our bodies need to recuperate and as we get older it takes a little longer.

  • Water - you have heard this more times than you can remember. Without water our systems cannot flush out the toxins that build daily. The 8 glasses of water keep you hydrated and help to keep your skin looking more radiant.
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  • Stress - if you only knew how damaging this is not only to your mental health but also your physical health you would probably make this a major goal. Try to keep stress under control. This is not always easy given our hectic pace.
  • These are some of the very basic steps for aging gracefully.

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