Anti Aging Drugs
It's Wise To Know The Pros And Cons

Anti Aging Drugs - while is it a well known fact that maturing bodies need increased amounts of vitamins and nutrients, some people take this a step further by taking drugs. Although some argue that there is no solid evidence that those who take these drugs age at a slower rate than those who supplement their diets with essential nutrients, supporters of these drugs say they are the only way to stop the hands of time.

Thoughts On Anti Aging Drugs

  • One of the primary reasons people take drugs is to prevent sickness and disease. The reasoning behind this is that when the body is being kept healthy from the inside out, the effects of aging won't be so noticeable. Their hope is that as a result of experiencing optimal health, they will live longer.

    And not only will they able to live longer, but they will have a better quality of life by avoiding constant sickness. This "inside out" way of thinking is what propels the drug cause. People love the assurance that taking a few pills a day will hopefully cure them of all of their ailments, and prevent future health issues.

  • Since so many people have watched their loved ones suffer from Alzheimer's and Dementia, drugs that address the issues of memory loss are highly sought after. These help to repair and restore damaged brain cells. When this degeneration of the brain occurs, patients suffer from memory loss, and eventually cannot care for themselves.

    Perscription Drugs

    Many people feel that they have nothing to lose, and possibly everything to gain as they attempt to prevent the debilitating disease of Alzheimer's from developing. For many who know that the disease runs in their family, they feel it would be irresponsible of them not to at least try and prevent it.

  • Originally designed to help those with hormone deficiencies and growth disorders, human growth hormones are now commonly used to treat issues ranging from osteoporosis to sun damage to memory loss. These treatments are highly effective in stimulating cell regeneration in those who are treated. Aging is basically cell damage, and human growth treatments help the cells to repair themselves, and as a result, the aging process is occurs at a much slower rate.
  • Another popular drug is any type that claims to prevent the pain of arthritis. When traditional aspirin isn't a sufficient pain reliever, these drugs can help to inhibit inflammation and ease the pain of arthritis.

Risks And Side Effects Of Anti Aging Drugs

  • Although these drugs may seem like miracle drugs, it is important to know that they come with their fair share of risks and side effects. Not only can those who use these drugs become addicted to them, but they can cause side effects that can lower the quality of life of those who are affected.

    Some of these side effects include: insomnia, carpel tunnel, baldness, infertility, high cholesterol, swelling of the internal organs, pain in the joints, kidney issues, the development of liver tumors, and more.
  • While hormone growth treatments have not been specifically linked to causing cancer, some of those who had the treatments did show an increased development of certain types of cancers.
  • Anti aging drugs should not be used as crutch to avoid living a healthy lifestyle. Just because these drugs exist, they should not be taken for granted. While you have health, it is important to cherish it, and do everything you can do to maintain it. Try to eat healthy, avoid excessive alcohol, smoking, and excessive weight gain. These steps alone will help you to age more gracefully and to look your very best, for the very best years of your life.

Considering all of the side effects of anti aging drugs, people commonly feel that the dangers outweigh the benefits. Is had been said that the dangers can actually shave years off of the lives of those who use the drugs, and for this reason nature should just be allowed to run its natural course. While the debate on anti aging drugs will no doubt continue, it is certain that the development of new anti aging drugs will continue as well. As long as signs of aging and sickness are a natural part of life, researchers will continue to search for a "cure."

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