Applying Lipstick Like a Pro

One would think there isn't a whole lot to applying lipstick... just whipping out that lipstick tube and a quick run over the lips and you're done.

For the most part this works, but if you follow my steps for lipstick applications, you too can have results like the pros get.

applying lipstick

7 Steps for Applying Lipstick

Step 1 - Dry or Chapped Lips?

If your lips are dry and chapped, see the beauty secrets exclusively for your beautiful lips page for advice, and lip treatments for useful products


Step 2 - Apply Lip Primer

Primers have become very useful. It is a product that is specially formulated to condition your lips helping lip color to last longer.

Step 3 - Analyze the Size and Shape of Your Lips Are they too narrow or too large? You will no doubt have your own individual goal as to how you want them to look.

  • For small or narrow lips apply a lip liner pencil to the outer edge of the pigmented area.
  • For large lips apply your lip pencil to the inner edge of the pigmented area.
  • If your lips are not symmetrical try using your pencil to create more of a balance between the two sides.
applying lipliner

Step 4 - Choosing the Right Color Pencil is Helpful

Match your pencil to your lipstick as close as possible never darker unless you want more drama.

If for some reason you can't, I would suggest you line your lips and then fill the lips in lightly, to create not only a base to make lipstick stay on longer, but also to create a nice even color before applying lipstick.

Ring around the lips will be history.

Step 5 - Choosing Your Best Lipstick Color

Women just love lipstick but the color has to be perfect and the only way you are going to achieve this is to take the test for color analysis. You need to know if you need a yellow or blue base lipstick. This information will also be valuable to you for applying makeup.


Step 6 - Applying Lipstick with a Lip Brush vs. Right From the Tube Most women prefer using their lipstick tube. The pros always use a lipstick brush. Lip brushes help you to create a more even application. Check out these beautiful lip colors.

Step 7 - The Final Touches

After you have applied the lip pencil and lipstick blot lightly. Now apply a dusting of powder over the lips with a large fluffy brush.

This technique will help to set the lipstick.

You must now apply another layer of lipstick. This is a layering technique, the same concept as when you are applying eye makeup. It helps keep color in place longer.

Voila, you have just reached pro status!

More Helpful Hints for Applying Lipstick

  • Keep lipstick off teeth by placing finer into your mouth. Place lips around your finger covered with a tissue and slowly pull out. Excess lip color will be on your tissue, not your teeth.
  • When learning how to apply makeup for a more dramatic look it is wise to focus either on eyes or lips but not both. If you want to wear that knockout red on your lips lighten up on your eyes a bit.

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