More Tips and Techniques for Applying Makeup

When applying makeup I have more tips and techniques for you. The basic techniques can be found on the how to apply makeup page.

So let's continue with the following three areas:

  • Applying Concealers
  • Applying Foundation
  • Applying Powders

Tips on How to Apply Concealers

  • If the corners of your eyes are dark, be sure to conceal in this area as illustrated with a synthetic brush for precision application.
  • Use the same technique for applying makeup to minimize shadows around mouth, nose, and fine lines.
  • When using concealers apply an eye cream as part of your daily skin care regime. But use sparingly so concealer does not slip into the lines. It will help to keep the area looking moisturized. If the eye area is dry, it may emphasize instead of concealing.
woman applying concealer with brush

Tips on How to Apply Foundation

  • I would like to suggest you not fall into the trap of trying to give yourself color with your liquid foundation. You are matching the neck at the jaw line for the best blend. Sometimes your face can be lighter or darker than your neck. Match the neck.
  • Choose a formula that matches your skin type.
  • Don't get caught making this foundation faux pas. If your skin depth changes from summer to winter you will need more than one shade.
  • Liquid foundation does have a shelf life, so I recommend putting a sticker on your bottle with the purchase date and not using it past 18 months.
  • Sponges and foundation brushes are the most popular tools for applying foundation.
Woman applying foundation with brush

Tips on How to Apply Powders

  • Powder is essential for setting liquid foundation. Use a loose powder to set your makeup and carry a pressed powder in your bag for travel and touch up during the day.
  • It is better to use a brush instead of a sponge since the application is lighter. Sponges put too much on and are more likely to cause streaking.
  • Choose a large round brush that is tapered to evenly disperse powder over the entire face.

More Makeup Beauty Secrets

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