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Lymphatic Drainage: A Facial Approach

by Jennifer Lawson

Sometimes when we look in the mirror we are all less than impressed with what we see and it can be for a number of reasons. We may have sallow skin, a dull or pale complexion, wrinkled or tired eyes or perhaps our jaw line or cheeks are puffed up (and it isn’t through anything we’ve knowingly done).

One reason for all these skin complaints can be poor lymphatic drainage and it is something that many people don’t realize they have, or know about but have little clue how to treat. Here are a few beauty scoop facts on what it is and how a good skincare regimen can help to improve this condition.

What is lymphatic drainage?

Our faces and our necks contain many little nodules, known as Lymph Nodes. They are also found in other places in the body, for instance in breast tissue – but for the purposes of this piece, we want to concentrate on them from a facial perspective. These little wonder nodes work to kill bacteria that come into your body and try to attack your tissues. They actively seek to destroy pathogens that enter your system, they stimulate and help white blood cells to circulate and they help to stop pain and swelling when we are ill. Finally, they help to distribute fluids and electrolytes, proteins from our food and drink and hormones through our system. If any of these areas of our health become compromised, for whatever reason, one of the first places to suffer will be our lymphatic system; it will then start to show its effects in our skin.

Of course, if we are unwell, we should seek help from a trained medical professional and follow all their advice, but there are steps we can take to make sure that bad lymphatic drainage doesn’t make our skin suffer.  This beauty scoop is just perfect for our skin and well being.

Signs we can look for on our face that signal bad lymphatic drainage

There are of course all the signs we mentioned above, sallow, dull skin, a tired complexion, perhaps your skin looks puffy and feels tender to the touch. Every day aging problems like wrinkles and dehydrated skin can look exaggerated because of issues with the body not being able to effectively get rid of its toxins. Other symptoms are puffy eyes, dark circles (which will be there even if you don’t feel tired) and jowls starting to form on and around the jaw line. Sometimes even issues like adult acne, psoriasis and eczema can either start, or be exacerbated by this.


How we can help ourselves

Here's the beauty scoop - A good way to really help is to begin a course of facial massage, which you can either do yourself by incorporating techniques and products into your skincare routine, or you can invest in a good, stimulating facial that will focus on massage and relaxation.

To do any sort of lymphatic massage on your face and neck you’ll need to take a few minutes out of your day in the morning and at night. The best time to do this is when you’re undertaking your skincare routines and the best products to use to help stimulate drainage again are either your skincare moisturizer or your skincare treatments and serums, that have either plenty of slip or that will give you enjoyment to massage your skin with.

Massage Beauty Scoop Technique: Start with your neck, more specifically around the collar bone area – if you have a special neck cream, use this. Use your fingertips to massage the skin in slow upward moving circles and keep this up for around one to two minutes, moving round the area. You should aim to finish this massage just underneath your ears. Then you should move across to your chin, using the same movements. Massage underneath here, again in slow circles, going either left to right or right to left, whichever is most comfortable for you. Finish this part of the treatment by stroking the skin downwards, almost as if you’re imagining pushing the fluids and the toxins 'out' of your neck.

Next move to your jaw line and use little ‘pinching’ massage movements (it sounds strange, but think about crimping the lid of a home-made pie, and use that same sort of technique) as you work your way across your jaw.

The next part of this beauty scoop is the face and here you would switch to your day or night cream and serum combination – or whatever you like to use. Apply it as normal, but use the ‘slippage’ from it to massage the skin on one side in slow circular movements, sweeping up and then down. Then massage the other side of your face. Finish with your forehead, using the same circular movements moving from side to side. Sometimes, around the eye area can benefit from a little gentle stimulation too, to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Using your ring finger only, apply a small dot of eye cream and gently tap this underneath the eye, around the bridge of the nose and all around the orbital bone. A very gentle ‘tap tap tap’ movement is all that is required here, as the skin around the eyes is very fragile and cannot cope with too much pressure. The tapping helps to release toxins, to depuff and to allow fluid to drain away properly.

Try these beauty scoop techniques as part of your skincare routine either once or twice a day for a week or two to really feel and see the difference. It can also help to use a regular face mask once a week and to make sure you’re drinking your recommended 8 glasses of water a day to make sure your body is hydrated and skin plump.

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