Discover All My Best Beauty Secrets...
in "Secrets to a Beautiful You"

Isn't it frustrating that some women seem to have the beauty secrets to just look so wonderful all the time, with apparently very little effort?

Rest assured if you take the time, you too can be the woman envied.

For best results, there is a system in place to help you discover a new you.

beauty secrets book

In my book "Secrets to a Beautiful You" I have designed a system where you will learn how to identify YOUR personal beauty secrets, to enhance your natural beauty.

The system includes the following steps:

Step 1 Starts With Color Analysis

    Many years ago before I learned the secrets of color, I can remember making a rather expensive purchase of burgundy shoes with a matching purse to go with a multi-color mohair jacket I hand knitted. I continued to build my wardrobe around the burgundy items and then I found out I was an autumn.

    Did my burgundy pieces look awful? No, but I did discover I had better color choices that were more complimentary to my skin, hair and eye tones. Not only did I have one piece that was not my best but now I had a whole wardrobe that didn't work.

    Are YOU making the right choices?

    Please Note: If you don't know your best colors and you would love the concept of a personalized and individualized analysis click here.

Step 2 Focuses on Beauty Secrets For Your Skin

    How often do you look in the mirror and lament over the fact that you are getting older and somehow your skin doesn't look as vibrant and healthy as it use to?

    Whatever your age this is an ongoing dilemma and all women are faced with these fears.

    Staying on top of new technology and finding the best anti aging products can slow down the aging process.

    A good cleansing skin care system can keep your skin looking beautiful.

    Having a healthy skin is vital to a flawless makeup application.

Step 3 is the Next Beauty Secret and the Icing on the Cake!

    Once you have achieved great young looking skin learning how to apply makeup using your best colors will complete the picture.

    Learning basic concepts and mastering makeup beauty tips for a natural look is easy when you learn the principles in "Secrets to a Beautiful You".

Step 4 is About a Closet Full of Clothes You Love

  • Be honest...has anyone ever taught you the basics of how to shop for styles that are flattering for you?
  • How many clothing mistakes do you have hanging in your closet?
  • How much money have you wasted on the fad for the season?
  • How confusing is it to not know which styles flatter your figure type.
  • It is never too late to begin the process of learning how to dress for your body type and have a wardrobe that is appropriate for your lifestyle.

    Rounding out this information are bonus chapters on wardrobe planning, your accessory wardrobe and how to choose eyeglasses for your face shape.

Another Option

What You Will Also Learn...

  • Through my color analysis system, how to identify the palette of colors that will help you look healthy, vibrant and at the same time build a coordinated wardrobe.
  • Learn how to apply make-up creating a beautiful natural look.
  • Discern what you should wear because three are certain styles and camouflage techniques that will enhance your figure.
  • Clean out your closet because you need to let go of clothes that do not flatter you and wear the styles that compliment your body type.
  • Learn how to build a wardrobe so that, no matter what the occasion, you will have a closet full of clothes and lots of choices.
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carol thompson color expert

Sometimes, it seems a woman's search for lipstick is an exercise in futility; we find the perfect color and are disappointed when it doesn't look as fabulous as it did in the light of the department store.

If any-one can relate, it's Carol Thompson, owner and president of Carol Thompson Cosmetics in Madison.

"When I was pursuing color analysis, "Thompson says, "it became clear that women needed guidance when it came to picking out the right makeup colors.

Lipsticks were the hardest to choose because the colors change with lip chemistry. "After the youngest of her five children entered high school, Thompson took matters into her own hands and founded Carol Thompson Cosmetics.

For 25 years, her company has been a mainstay in the community, offering a variety of natural makeup and skin care products

as well as valuable services including color analysis, makeup lessons, skin analysis consultations and wardrobe classes.

Whatever the concentration, Thompson maintains a strong focus on her audience, saying, "My role from the beginning has been to service my customer."

carol thompson

To help customers around the clock, she recently released a book, "Secrets to a Beautiful You."

There, Thompson breaks down her method, which she says, "is a systematic approach to analyzing your colors, your skin, your eyes and your body shape - and then applying the 'beauty tools' in ways that enhance your look."

Though she maintains that there is no substitute for a professional analysis, her book is a close second. And, whether in person or paperback, Thompson's mission remains the same: she is dedicated to helping women look and feel great about themselves. - M.S.

"I can't believe the difference color analysis has made. My closet finally coordinates".

"My approach to dressing is so much simpler, knowing what to look for. I actually enjoy shopping."

T.D., Boynton Beach, Florida

"Thank you for helping me to have beautiful skin. I just love the way my makeup looks and my friends have asked what my beauty secret is."
L.J., Madison, WI

"It's amazing how simple you made the body style info. My efforts were rewarded when a co-worker recently asked me if I lost weight when all I did was choose better clothing styles."
B.L.V., New York, NY

It's Time For Action

Ready for some changes to your personal appearance?

Invest in the tools... for a New You.

Make the commitment to learn and use the beauty secrets system in my book. I can assure you that you'll be building a great foundation for a lifetime of looking your best.

Wishing you success,

Carol Thompson

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