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Looking for the best anti aging skin care?

Do you worry like I do about father time catching up to you?

When we were young the last thing that crossed our minds was wrinkles. We were young and thoughts of dating, career, marriage and children took center stage. And, all of a sudden we came up for air and, lo and behold, we caught ourselves looking in the mirror at some fine facial lines.

At first we excused them as smile lines. If we are going to be honest with ourselves we have to dig a little deeper.

The environment and a number of other factors have taken over.

So, now what are we going to do about it?

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  • We start looking into skin care and perhaps start buying a moisturizer that claims we will get rid of these lines almost overnight.

    Now, does this make sense?

    It took us possibly 30 years to get them and now all of a sudden we should be rid of them in a fraction of the time.

    Technology has come a long way with helping to minimize lines. We can achieve results but we need to be realistic.

    Aging Gracefully...

    Using the best anti aging skin care products to keep our skin looking young is only half the battle.

    It is also about the preventive measures we should be using every day to keep from looking older. We need to ask ourselves these questions.

    Do we only use a sunscreen during the summer months?

  • Do we exercise regularly?

  • Are we taking quality vitamins and mineral supplements?

  • Are we drinking our eight glasses of water a day?

  • Have we read about the number one beauty secret yet?

  • Have we taken the color analysis test? Wearing the right colors helps us to look younger.

  • Stress is aging. Are we doing our best to control it?
    Kudos to those of us who have a handle on these suggestions.

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The Next Steps...Slowing Down the Effects of Time

Now, let's look at the best anti aging skin care products we can use.
To maintain and improve our skin health, an effective skin care regime must contain three fundamental elements - prevention, protection and correction.

I would recommend the basic three step skincare - cleanse, tone and moisturize. Adding an eye cream and facial scrub would be the next step. You then want to protect your skin by wearing your sunscreen everyday. And, finally use an antioxidant serum to combat the fine lines, brown spots and cancer rays.

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