Choosing Your Best Skin Care
Is Not Rocket Science...

Best Skin Care - Determining your skin type and condition is another story.

To be able to choose your best skin care products you need to analyze your skin type and all the conditions that are present.

best skin care

The key to making a wise purchase is to address all the issues of your skin.

Armed with this information you will be able to narrow down the products and ingredients best for you.

Of course, you know there are many factors that will affect your skin such as diet, stress, medications, environment, smoking and genes.

Know Your Skin Type

Your actual skin type is determined based on your oil production.

To check your oil supply, cleanse your face. After 90 minutes, wipe all areas of your face with a tissue.

  • If the tissue looks oily your skin is combination or oily.
  • If the tissue picks up dry, flaky skin, you have dry skin.
  • If you see neither flakes nor oil, your skin is normal.

To Determine Your Best Skin Care, First
Select Your Skin Type Then Your Skin Condition

Step 1: Select Your Skin Type

    Dry - your skin feels tight and fine lines and wrinkles can be more prominent; your pores are small and your skin can look dehydrated.

    Sensitive - your skin is thin and reacts easily to hot and cold; broken capillaries, allergic reactions, fine pores all describe your skin.

    Normal - your skin is smooth with medium pores and has a healthy glow.

    Combination - you are oily in the T- zone (forehead, nose & chin) and can be normal to dry on the cheeks; your pores are larger.

    Oily/acne prone - your skin is thick and shiny with enlarged pores; you are prone to blackheads and blemishes.

woman with hair wrapped in gold towel

Step 2: Identify Skin Conditions

    Flaky/dry patches - all skin types can have this and need exfoliation and hydration.

    Breakouts - acne, blackheads, white heads.

    Sensitive - easily irritated.

    Dehydrated - your body is 70% water; drinking water cleanses the body of toxic waste which ultimately affects your skin.

    Rosacea - must be diagnosed by physician.

    Sun damaged - deep facial lines, skin discolored, leather texture.

    Hyperpigmentation - discoloration, brown spots.

    Distended capillaries - red veins close to the surface of your skin.

Note: Several conditions may be present in any skin type.

woman applying moisturizer

Step 3: Choosing the Best Products for Your Skin

When choosing your best skin care products always address the skin type first then make adjustments for any existing conditions.

Let's start by choosing a cleanser for each skin type. I also recommend that if you would like to speak with one of our skin care professionals please call 800-944-5054.

Having beautiful skin is only part of the overall beauty of your skin. Don't miss out on how color analysis can further enhance the total look.

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