Body Type Fashion Advice for Anyone
With Less Than a Perfect Body

I have some great body type fashion advice for you but first
I need you to tackle the inventory in your closet.

As you tackle this monumental task you will find:

  • Some items will be less than flattering colors.
  • A percentage of the items will be impulse buys.
  • But, most of the clothes you don't wear probably aren't compatible with your body type.

In order to have a successful wardrobe, it's time to come to grips with accepting the body you have, not the one you wish you had.

There are body shape questionnaires out there that can be helpful in narrowing down your areas of concern. However, I have found that ideal female body measurements are mostly proportional. When all the parts are in proportion to one another, I know you will find the actual measurements are not as meaningful. I think you will find the body type fashion advice I am about to give you will simplify your approach to shopping and a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear will be history.

The information I am about to present has very little to do with weight. I am going to concentrate on your bone structure, which will never change regardless of how much you weigh.

You will learn to identify silhouettes and the styles that are best for your body type.

I will begin by helping you determine where your bones are which will give you your silhouette lines. The end result will be clothes that fit you properly, creating the slimmer, taller you.

It might be good to mention that designers do not design for the average American woman who is between 5'4" – 5'6" and weights between 140 – 150 lbs. Take comfort, "perfect" bodies are rare. Most of us have challenges but these can be overcome. Forget what size the tag says. Sizing varies from one brand to the next, as does the price tag. If you want to see a smaller size, buy more expensive clothes. Use size only as a starting point. So, let's get started.

Step 1 - Identify Your Body Type

I would like you to stand before a full length mirror in your underwear. Put your hands on your waistline and observe if the waistline is a lot narrower than your hips or is almost as wide as your hips. Your natural waistline is in line with your belly button.

Curvy Body Type

    The picture on the left illustrates a curvy body type. Notice how the waistline is much narrower than the fullest part of the hips.
    When this body type gains weight it is usually in the hips and thighs thereby creating a smaller waist in comparison to the hips.
    When pants fit in the hips, many times the waistline is too big.

In the picture on the right you will notice how the waistline almost lines up with the hips.

This body type typically gains weight through the abdomen. When purchasing pants getting the waist to fit without the pants being baggy in the thighs is usually the issue.

Boxy figure types are more slender in the thighs and legs.

Boxy Body Type

Step 2 - More Body Type Fashion Advice

  • Pear Shape Body
  • Apple Body Shape
  • Dressing for Your Body Shape

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