My Beauty Secrets for Camouflage Makeup

When you hear the words camouflage makeup you are probably thinking some heavy duty makeup that always looks like it's caked on and never matches.

Well, you are right.

The product itself is formulated to hide and conceal color variations of more serious imperfections, but that doesn't mean it has to look fake.

Makeup used to camouflage imperfections can be very comforting for your self esteem, if you need it.

So, what would be the degree of camouflage you might need?

If you have just minor imperfections learning how to apply makeup and having a color analysis might do the trick.

For more serious concerns here are some suggestions for you to consider.

Under-eye Circles

The skin tends to be thinner under the eyes so the veins become more noticeable. I personally like using a mineral concealer in this area, because it covers and won't sit in the fine lines under your eyes. Choose a product without mica, a shine agent.


A scar is an indentation of the skin and cannot be camouflaged. The redness can be covered with a good quality camouflage makeup.

woman with scar

Birthmarks/Port Wine Stains

Birthmarks can be covered but everything hinges on the ability to be able to mix colors together for a perfect match.


Tattoos are almost impossible to cover unless the quality of the makeup used to camouflage allows you to mix colors for a perfect match.


A camouflage makeup that is a perfect match to your skin is the only cover-up for this condition.

Hyper-pigmentation includes age spots which are dark discolorations caused by sun exposure, melasma (pregnancy mask causing patches of dark skin) and freckles. Freckles are genetic and also come from sun exposure.

All three of these are very hard to cover-up.

A preventative measure would be to use a good sunscreen with zinc oxide in the active ingredients and for the best protection use a pure topical Vitamin C.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are enlarged veins that can be covered with makeup. For obvious reasons it would be essential to use a waterproof type of product and a perfect match to your skin is essential.

varicose veins


With vitiligo, the loss of pigment in the skin starts out as small patches and can spread over the entire body. Camouflage makeup can be useful in creating an overall matching skin color. Here again the product has to be a total match.


Rosacea is an inflammation causing redness on the face. Since skin is so easily irritated I would not recommend a heavy makeup for camouflage. Be discriminating and use the best skin care products available.

A rosacea makeup using a quality mineral powder with no mica or bismuth would give you the results you want.

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