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Color Analysis Online - Let me be your personal consultant.

There are many beauty secrets but there is only one that really makes a difference and that is color

Of course I am talking about color as it relates to clothing colors, makeup colors, hair color and accessory colors. And, when you think about it, color is free. It does not have a price tag. It is just as easy to buy the most flattering colors as it is to buy those that are not your best.

Let me ask you this...

How many things do you have in your closet that you never wear because you don’t like the color. For some reason when you purchased them you were happy with your choice but as you began to wear them you became aware that they really weren’t that flattering.

The colors you choose for your clothing, makeup, hair color and accessories will enhance your natural beauty.

My color analysis system will help you determine whether you are a Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring based on the undertone of your skin.

Are You Familiar With the KISS Theory?

It means "keep it simple sweetie". My color analysis system uses the four seasons rather than the more advanced 12 season concept. Unless you are meeting in person with a personal consultant who is able to fine tune the system for you, it is my 27 year experienced opinion that more is not necessarily better.

Staying within one of the four seasons with proper instructions on how to use your colors in conjunction with all colors is all you really need. Expanding the system to 12 categories only creates more confusion. Perhaps you have already figured that out. Click here to read more about the 12 category color analysis system.

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Two Great Options

I have a couple of choices for you to help you find your season and start reaping the benefits towards a more beautiful you.

You can purchase my book which explains all about the seasons and it even includes color draping pages that are designed for you to self analyze yourself. There are complete instructions on how to do this.

Click here to do your own self analysis with my "Secrets to a Beautiful You!" book.

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Your other choice is to sign up for my online color program.

You will be asked to submit via email several pictures of yourself. These pictures would include close ups of your face and eyes. I will also be in telephone contact with you to discuss some other characteristics.

When you do color analysis online you will receive your analysis and a set of swatches for your season.

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Color Analysis Is?

It's learning how to buy colors that flatter your skintone, hair and eye color.

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