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Color Analysis Swatches Did You Know…the eye cannot remember color. Have you ever gone to the store and purchased an item you thought would match exactly to something you have in your closet only to find out you weren’t even close. You are not alone. To make shopping easier the “color analysis swatches” were created to help all of us identify the colors we are looking for.

At Carol Thompson Cosmetics, Madison, Wisconsin we specialize in the Four Season Concept. As a 27 year veteran in this field I personally feel this is the best system available.

    Are You Familiar With the KISS Theory?

    It means "keep it simple sweetie". My color analysis system uses the four seasons rather than the more advanced 12 season concept. Unless you are meeting in person with a personal consultant who is able to fine tune the system for you, it is my experienced opinion that more is not necessarily better.

    Staying within the original seasons; Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring with proper instructions on how to use your colors in conjunction with all colors is all you really need. Expanding the system to 12 categories only creates more confusion. Perhaps you have already figured that out.

    Why Use Color Analysis Swatches

    Color analysis swatches are a wonderful tool that you can use to help you identify the colors you are looking for. It is not intended that you match the fabric swatch exactly.

    The color swatches are to help you to identify the color family you are looking for. For example; if you are looking at something blue the swatch in your wallet will help you to identify whether the blue matches and blends or appears to have a total different undertone.

    More About The Twelve Season Concept

    The twelve season concept is based on three different types for each season. In other words there would be the Dark Winter, Cool Winter and Bright Winter. It is primarily hair and eye depth that determines these categories. You are given extra colors depending on which category of winter you fall into.

    Yes, you will have perhaps up to 60 color choices but that does not mean that all 60 colors are your best colors. The number of additional colors is not significant. It just means you are getting more shades of the same colors along with some extra secondary colors.

    It is true most of us are not only cool or warm but rather a mixture. I totally agree but everyone has a dominant season and that should be your primary focus.

    More About the Four Season Concept

    The four season concept is based on analysis as a Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring. When you use the 30 colors that come with your color analysis swatches you choose these colors with the understanding that you can also wear any other color out there.

    The only thing you cannot do is wear them by your face. The four season concept is designed to give you your very best colors with all other colors being secondary colors.

    By secondary colors I mean wear the color mixed in a print or if your jacket is a secondary color put it with one of your best colors from your season in a blouse, scarf, jewelry.

    Your goal when choosing clothing is to ask yourself "does this color enhance my skin, hair or eyes?" After all, this is the purpose of knowing your season.

    The colors you wear on your shoulder work best when it is a color that brings out your hair color. The color you wear under your chin will enhance your skin and eyes.

    You can wear all colors from the waist on down.

Prototypes of the Four Seasons

Winter Color Analysis

The Winter Woman has black or almost black hair. Her hair is void of any highlights. Her eyes are dark brown, deep blue gray or dark blue green.

summer color analysis

The Summer Woman has ash blond or ash brown hair. Ash means void of any highlights. Her eyes are blue, blue gray or blue green.

autumn color analysis

The Autumn Woman has light to dark brown hair, red, auburn, or dark blond with warm highlights. Her eyes are brown, hazel, green or deep teal blue.

spring color analysis

The Spring Woman has hair color that ranges from light brown to medium dark brown, red, strawberry blond or golden blond. Her hair has lots of warm highlights. Her eyes are blue, blue green, blue gray, aqua, green or turquoise.

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