Identifying Your Personal Beauty Secrets Through Color Analysis

Color Analysis is a system that has been around for almost 30 years and it continues to give us great information.Below is a video clip of a morning TV presentation with Carol, where she shares several personal makeup tips and suggestions.

When we talk about knowing your colors, we are referring to identifying your skin tone with one of the four categories named after the four seasons and the colors within each of these palettes are the ones that compliment your skin tone. If you know your season click on the following links to purchase swatches.

If you would like help to determine your season get help here

The colors within each of the palettes are derived from the colors you see in nature. Each season enjoys reds, greens, blues, etc. The difference is in the undertone. The cool seasons (winter & summer) wear colors with a dominant blue undertone whereas the warm seasons (spring & autumn) have a dominant yellow undertone.

Each of you has a unique skin tone that is enhanced either with the cool or warm. The surface of your skin has a coloration, such as ivory, porcelain, beige, olive, etc. Unfortunately you cannot see undertone.

It is not your surface skin tone that determines your season, but rather your undertone, which I might add never changes. Forget about looking at your wrist and trying to determine your season.

Knowing your season will help you to determine colors for clothing, makeup, hair color, jewelry, eyeglass frames and even colored cosmetic contact lenses.

winter colors summer colors

Winter and Summer are the cool-blue seasons because the primary undertone is blue.

Autumn and Spring are considered the warm-yellow seasons with the primary undertone being yellow.

spring colors autumn colors

Analyzing Your Colors

The most accurate way for analyzing is to be draped with actual cloth fabric.

In the past 30 years trained color consultants have almost disappeared and the interest in the system has also waned. It is my goal to resurrect this wonderful theory because it truly works.

You know as you read this there are certain colors that work better on you than others.

So, let's get going and find out exactly which season you are. If you already know which season you are go directly to the seasonal color analysis page.

I did mention cloth draping is the best way but on this website that is not possible. My 26 years experience has enabled me to come up with a color analysis system that works.

Are you ready to discover your own number one beauty secret?

Take the color test to discover your season along with actual draping pages will help you to identify your best colors.

Complete directions are available in my book "Secrets to a Beautiful You" Get your copy today to take the test and discover your number one beauty secret.

If you already know your season
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It's learning how to buy colors that flatter your skintone, hair and eye color.

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