How To Choose The Perfect
Cosmetic Contact Lens Color

Have you ever thought about changing your eye color with cosmetic contact lenses?

If you are thinking this can be a fun way to change your look you are absolutely right. The question is depending on the color you choose how much do you want to change your look?

Blue eye with contact lens

When you change your eye color drastically it can clash with the rest of your coloring. The first thing you need to do is take my color analysis test and let's make sure you know what your color season is.

When choosing cosmetic contact lenses you need to follow these simple steps.

  • Determine how dark your hair is - light, medium or dark
  • What is the natural depth of your eye color - light, medium or dark
  • Now decide what the intensity level is for the combination of the two. For example, dark hair and dark brown eyes will result in dark. You should not try to lighten your eyes a whole lot. It won't work.

You Also Need To....

  • Know your color analysis season and then choose cosmetic contact lenses in either a warm or cool shade of the color you have chosen.
  • Decide how much of a change you want. Perhaps you just want to enhance the same color by brightening or deepening a little. Or do you want to change your eye color completely?

Other Considerations....

  • If you have dark eyes they are the hardest to change and usually you will need an opaque lens to have them be different. I would like to really caution you not to try to make yourself a blue eyed beauty unless you are willing to go much lighter with your hair color. So, if you are really looking for a change this could be a bit of a drastic option. Usually women with dark brown eyes have darker hair and if you make your eyes too light you will throw off the balance of your coloring. It would be best to try a hazel or honey color contact.
  • Women with lighter eye colors will have an easier time having fun with all the beautiful colors that are available. The most popular colors are green and blue.
  • The combination of your skin tone, natural hair color and eye color is very individual. The key is to pick an eye color that will not throw off the balance of your coloring. You want your eye color to compliment not stick out like a sore thumb. Also keep in mind a color that looks good on one brown eye might not work on another brown eye. There are just too many shades of warm and cool browns. So, if you don't know your color season yet do so before you choose your cosmetic contact lenses.

Special Effects Lenses

Special effects lenses are lenses that have a design and come in all different kinds of patterns and styles. Here is your opportunity to go wild and crazy and have fun.

What Else You Need To Know.....

More Beauty Secrets

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