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When you think of dramatic eye makeup which one best describes what you are looking for.

  • Special occasion eyes for a night out. (Picture #1)
  • Want to make a statement(Picture #2)
  • Over the top drama (Picture #3)
  • Regardless of which look you are after you need to start your eye makeup application with basic steps.

  • Prepare the surface of the eye with an eye primer to create a smooth surface. In order for your makeup to adhere and absorb color it is absolutely necessary you do not skip this step.
  • Apply necessary concealer to the under eye area of the eye. If the corner of your eyes is very dark also apply concealer in this area with a brush.
Dramatic eye makeup
  • Groom your brows. If you want drama in your eye makeup your brow plays a major role in the overall look. Drama has to extend to the brow with the correct shape and filled in to act as the frame for your eyes. For dramatic eye makeup this color should be a shade darker than your hair color. Read more about brows at Eye Makeup Tips
  • When choosing color everything will depend on how dramatic you want to go. The technique will be the same. For over the top choose wild colors that meet your fancy. For the softest dramatic look choose a darker version of what you are currently doing. And for basic dramatic eye makeup you will be working with charcoal grays, dark browns and purples.
  • You will notice in all of these pictures the application is basically the same. There is lots of color over the entire eye especially in the crease and on the brow bone.
  • Eye with pink makeup
    • Notice how nicely the area under the brow is highlighted with a very light shimmer eye shadow. What makes this look so dramatic is making sure you blend, blend, and blend some more. Don't be afraid to use and mix colors. Experiment on the back of your hand before applying to the eye.

    It's Time To Create....

    After you have prepared the eyes with the steps above you are now ready to create.

    • Step 1 – Choose three harmonizing eye shadow colors. With the lightest of the three colors cover the whole eyelid from the lash line to your brow.
    • Step 2 - Choose the darkest color (charcoal, navy, dark brown, dark purple) and using an eye shadow brush, place eye shadow around the entire eye lid in a circular shape. Leave the center of
    Eye with makeup
  • the eye lid with very little color. Blend the eye shadow into the crease and up on to the brow bone. Smooth out the outer edges of the eyes with your finger to make sure everything is nicely blended.

  • Step 3 – Now take the color which should be a mid tone and apply to the center of the eyelid and blend up towards the crease and brow bone. The object is to layer the colors to create a smoky look. Don’t be afraid to try different variations of colors. Remember you are creating dramatic eye makeup.
  • Smoky Eye
  • Step 4 – Take the darkest eye shadow and using a smudger brush apply as if you were putting on eye liner. Eye liner for this type of look is going to be very soft and smudgy.
  • Step 5 – Apply your eyeliner pencil to the upper and lower lids starting at the outer corner of the lid and line the entire eye. Smudge again with the brush.

  • Step 6 – Curl your lashes and apply several coast of black mascara. Depending on how dramatic you want your eye makeup I would consider using false eye lashes if you feel your lashes are not up to par.
  • Step 7 – Use a very light shimmer highlighting color for the area directly under the brows and in the corners of the eyes for even more effect.
  • Dramatic eye makeup
  • Step 8 – Blush and lip colors should be on the subtle side. You have chosen to wear dramatic eye makeup and only one feature can take center stage.
  • Step 9 - If you like drama go for it. There is no right or wrong. Learn application and then play around with color as is shown in this last picture. Pick your favorites. Try layering three, four or more colors on your hand and see how they look first. Remember....dramatic is fun!!!

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