Easy Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Eye Makeup for blue eyes is exciting! You have so many beautiful colors to choose from.

eye makeup for blue eyes

The first thing you need to keep in mind is eye makeup is supposed to bring out the beauty of your eyes. You should not be trying to match shadow color to what you are wearing. Let's face it....you aren't changing your iris color to match your clothes, so why do you feel you need to match your shadow to your outfit?

Always pick shadow colors to compliment the unique color of your eyes. Your eyes are unique because blue eyes range in color from gray blue, green blue and true blue. It follows then when choosing any kind of blue shadow use the blues that are unique to your coloring. Your choices of colors are endless.

Steps for Choosing Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Step One - Intensity

    Think about how intense do you want your eyes to look? With that in mind, you need to factor in the depth of your hair color and skin tone. The darker you are the more intense the shadows should be. If you are a blond softer will be better unless you are looking for a more dramatic look for a special occasion or evening.

    Dramatic eyes are achieved by merely using the deeper and brighter shades. You can take almost any shade and based on the depth create whatever drama you like. Go wild with metallic and coppers.

Step Two - Color

    When choosing your best colors consider using gray, blue, blue greens, periwinkle, violet and purples. These are the colors that will be the most complimentary eye makeup for blue eyes.
blond with eye makeup for blue eyes

    You will use these colors along with the basic neutrals in peach, pink, taupe and brown. Always use neutrals along with color to create a more natural look. Pink and peach are great lid colors with taupe and brown being good crease colors.

    Don't be afraid to try blending different colors together. Multiple layers of eye shadows produce beautiful looks. Have fun with color!

Step Three - Eyeliner

    Navy eye liner is the most perfect color. You can use pencils but don't forget there are wonderful shadows that also make great liners. Using the right brush and a highly pigmented shadow will help create a perfect line.

Step Four - Mascara

    I love navy mascara. It is almost as dark as black but with a navy tint. It is so beautiful and completes the picture. Black brown mascara can be an alternative.

Step Five - Application

    It's time to learn proper application for your eye shape. Knowing where to put the shadows is half the battle. Applying makeup correctly will give you the results you are looking for.

Step Six - Final Step - Purchasing Eye Makeup

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