Eye Makeup Ideas
To Update Your Look

Eye Makeup Ideas

    It is a common misconception that eye makeup is difficult to apply. In fact, once you learn how to apply it, you will wonder why you never wore eye makeup in the past.

    Usually the reason we don't wear certain kinds of makeup is because we run out of ideas.

    With these helpful eye makeup ideas, you will be able to keep your makeup looking fresh and up to date.

Ideas That Work

  • Sure you may have heard of priming a wall before you paint it, but have you ever heard of priming your eyelids before you apply eye shadow?
  • If you haven't been doing this, you are missing a crucial step in your makeup process. Primer can help you combat oily eyelids as well as eyelid wrinkles and ensure that your eye shadow has a flawless finish.
  • When you are searching for eye makeup ideas, the important thing to remember is that your face is like a blank canvas, and you are the artist.

  • There really is no formula for applying eye makeup, because if everyone followed that same formula, we would all look exactly the same.
  • Although you don't want to wear extreme makeup on a daily basis, it is OK to experiment with different makeup looks. And honestly, the term "extreme" when it applies to makeup is a relative term.
  • One woman's extreme is another woman's everyday look. Don't limit your makeup choices
  • New on the market are the gel pencils which stay on all day.

Here's a little makeup exercise for you

  • Lay all of your eye makeup on the kitchen table and see what colors you have a lot of
  • Do you have mostly browns? You can compliment neutral browns with eye shadow colors that have a subtle gold or pink shimmer to highlight your eyelids.
  • Do you have mostly navy or gray colors? Did you know that the right shade of purple can go great with either of these colors? You don't have to buy a super pigmented purple, but you could try a sheer lavender color.
  • Although you don't want to overdo it with shimmery colors, you would be surprised how a little sparkle can transform your look.
  • And don't worry that you will look like a disco ball, because if you don't add too much shimmer, everyone will know something is different, but they won't be able to put their finger on it.
  • When you start getting all of the compliments, don't give away your beauty secrets!

Try To Think Outside The Box

  • Don't be afraid to try something bold. For example, if you have green eyes, you could buy a light green pencil (not liquid) eye liner and apply that underneath your eyes. This will add some extra color without being too overpowering.
  • It is OK to use liquid eye liner to your upper eyelids, however, you don't want to use too much because you don't want the eye liner to hide your eye shadow. I recommend liquid liner for a younger eye. It becomes too harsh if you have what is called a “crepey eyelid.”
  • And it isn't a good idea to apply too much eye liner under your eyes because this can sometimes make your eyes look smaller, and you always want your eyes to look as open as possible.

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