Eye Makeup Techniques

Eye Makeup Techniques - Don’t you just love to see expertly applied makeup that is not overdone? Using techniques that are basic is your key to success. I sometimes see women applying way to much color for a daytime look. I am a great believer in the KISS theory. I would like to share with you what I consider to be the basics of beautiful eye makeup techniques.

Sensational Eye Primer
  • Makeup Technique #1 – Everything starts with the canvas. Prepare the eye area by applying an eye primer so that your careful application of shadow will look beautiful and last through the day. This is a must step.
  • Makeup Technique #2– Use clean brushes. When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? You are defeating your efforts when you use dirty brushes. Invest in quality brushes and wash monthly using ½ cup warm water with your hair shampoo as your soap. Rinse thoroughly and lay flat till dry.
  • Makeup Technique #3 This technique is waiting to be filled by you. Won't you please share your best technique so others will benefit. Just click on the following link. Do you have any techniques that others would love to know about. Women love eye makeup and thrive on new ideas.
  • Makeup Technique #4 – One of the best eye makeup techniques is to choose colors that enhance your eye color not the clothes you are wearing. Although you can use colors that match your eyes your best bet is to choose contrasting colors that make your eyes pop. Blue, blue gray or blue green eyes – choose shades of blue, neutral browns and colors in the orange family like rust, peach, salmon and gold to compliment your eye color. Brown and Green Eyes – your range will be all the browns, rusts, peaches, gold, plum and even turquoise as a fun color.
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    Mineral Concealer
  • Makeup Technique #5 - Use liquid concealers sparingly and only use on the dark areas. I recommend a mineral concealer because this particular concealer is light reflective which means it won't get caught in the creases as do the liquids. They are matte and can be applied with a sponge.
  • Makeup Technique #6 - Choose shimmery shadows carefully. They do accentuate lines and wrinkles. Try to avoid them on the brow bone. Even if the lid is a bit wrinkled I would go ahead and use them anyway. The shimmer it gives is really pretty on most eyes.
  • Makeup Technique #7 – Are you familiar with the principle of light and dark? Use light colors to make eyes look bigger. Use dark colors to make them retreat and look smaller. The most basic technique to apply shadow is: Apply light base color to the eyelid and crease Apply a mid-tone shade in the crease blending up to the brow bone. Do not use very dark colors on the brow bone unless you are going for an evening drama look. Apply third color to eyelids – If you have lots of eyelid apply mid-tone color If you have little eyelid showing use a light shimmery color
  • Makeup Technique #8– Use a highly pigmented eye shadow as eyeliner. It creates a softer line making for a more natural look. Also, when you choose an eye shadow as a liner you have so many more gorgeous shades to choose from. Using pencil colors is more limiting.
  • Stuck on You
  • Makeup Technique #9 – Use an eyeliner affixitive to keep eyeliner on all day. After eye liner is applied just dab a drop of Stuck On You over the eyeliner. Since eyeliner gives the eyes depth you want to make sure it stays on.
  • Makeup Technique #10 – Blend, blend and blend some more. Ideally eye makeup looks the best when you blend at least two to three shadow colors together.
  • Makeup Technique #11– Use a highlighter color under the brow. Do be cautious when applying if you haven’t groomed your brows. The highlighter will bring attention to brows that need grooming.
  • Makeup Technique #12 - Groom those brows! Brows are the picture frame for your eyes. They enhance and make your eyes look larger. They give expression to the face. Go to Eye Makeup Techniques For Brows.
  • Makeup Technique #13– Use a white shadow or pencil to brighten and lift. Apply to inside rim near the tear duct and on the outer corner of the eye to create a lift.

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