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Eyeshadow Tips - if you're reading this, chances are, applying eyeshadow is part of your daily routine. Or maybe you're searching for eyeshadow tips to help you fix eyeshadow mishaps.

Although makeup application may be somewhat simple, you may feel that applying eyeshadow is a bit more complicated. In fact, many times, eyeshadow and eye liner are the two things you might be skipping on a daily basis.

This is a mistake because the eyes are the window to the soul, and not giving them enough attention can actually detract from your natural beauty. So, if you're skeptical about applying eye makeup, here are some easy eyeshadow tips to help you complete your overall makeup look.

Who Wants A More Dramatic Eye?

  • A word of caution about the picture above. If you like this look it will only work if you do not have a close set eye, under eye circles and puffiness or a very deep set eye. To create this look just use a highly pigmented shadow with a brush and smudge the entire line for a soft look.

Eyeshadow Tips For Oily Eyelids

  • If you are someone who is always searching for eyeshadow tips to help combat oily eyelids then before you apply your eyeshadow, it is a good idea to prime your eyelid with a neutral colored primer to prevent the eyeshadow from creasing. Your eye makeup will last most of the day
  • Sometimes oily eyelids aren't the only reason our eyeshadow creases. Eyelid wrinkles can be frustrating and make us wish we'd never tried to apply eyeshadow in the first place. In these cases, it can be beneficial to apply a primer that has anti aging properties such as the Sensational Eye Shadow Primer or the Botanical Eye Shadow Primer from Carol Thompson cosmetics. This type of primer will help your minimize wrinkles so your eyeshadow can actually be seen.

Beware Of The Black Eye

  • Another common question you might have about eye makeup is how can you correct mistakes when applying eyeshadow. You have probably experienced the embarrassment of looking like you have a black eye because of stray specks of eyeshadow.
  • This usually happens when some eyeshadow particles fall under your eyes and onto your cheeks. The first impulse is to try and wipe away the stray eyeshadow, but this usually only makes it worse and ruins the rest of your makeup.
  • If you are applying a light colored eyeshadow, a few extra hints of shimmer on your cheeks isn't that big of a deal, however, if you're using a darker, pigment rich shadow, it can be very inconvenient.

The Magic Of Tape

  • Although this makeup mishap is difficult to avoid, you can place a Kleenex on your cheek right under your eye to catch any excess eyeshadow that might fall. If some specks do land on your face, a great tip is to take a piece of tape and press it onto the fallen shadow. It will cling to the makeup and when you pull the tape away, no one will ever be able to tell what happened. If you don't have any tape on hand, you can gently wipe away the eyeshadow with a Q-tip. You can also dip a Q-tip into eye makeup remover and dab the affected area for a great result.

Oh No, What Do I Do Now!!!

  • Have you ever been rushing to apply your makeup and in the blink of an eye, your eyeshadow compact crashes to the floor? Well if you've ever had this happen, you know that when you retrieve the case from the floor, you will be greeted with eyeshadow that has broken into hundreds on tiny pieces.
  • Anyone who has ever experienced this has no doubt wished there were eyeshadow tips to help magically repair their broken eyeshadow. Sometimes the easiest fix is to simply put the eyeshadow in a small, empty loose mineral eyeshadow container. You can put the top on the container, and shake the eyeshadow to break it into even smaller pieces. There is a good chance that you will actually like having your eyeshadow in powder form.
  • Another eyeshadow beauty tips to fix broken shadow is to add a couple of drops alcohol to the broken makeup and smooth it with your finger or wrap it in plastic wrap and allow it to dry.
  • Also, if you keep your shadow in your purse, or if you are traveling, you can help cushion your shadow by placing a cotton ball on top of your shadow. This will help to absorb the shock in case it falls.
  • If you happen to drop shadow particles on your carpet or on your favorite shirt,use a bleach pen to remove the stain. Armed with these tips you shouldn’t have any more trouble with shadow mishaps.

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