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Does your head spin with all the fashion advice that is out there?

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It has been my experience that most of us are looking for our own personal style. It's about our inner confidence to put together a fashion style that represents who we are as a person and reflects our lifestyle.

A sense of style is an attitude of belief in yourself. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you avoid shopping because of your body shape?
  • Do you think there aren't any styles out there for you because of your age?
  • Do you dread having to go to functions because you never seem to have just the right outfit?
  • Do you have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear?
  • Are you bored with the styles of clothing your purchase?
  • Do you think it is costly to shop for your best styles and colors?
  • Do you think you can't find stylish clothes because of your body shape?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions let me help you discover that you can achieve your own personal style. All I ask is to keep an open mind and develop an attitude that you are dressing for YOU not anyone else. Try to apply the information I will teach you to make the most of how your feel in your clothes. Before you know it you will have a style that is all your own.

I don't advise trying to imitate anyone else. Learn about the basics of clothing styles, colors, makeup and wardrobe organization and make them your own.

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Fashion Advice Topics for the "New You"

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