How To Apply False Eyelashes

false eyelashes

How To Apply False Eyelashes- if you are looking for a way to combat your less than bountiful eyelashes, false eyelashes are your secret weapon.

Now you may be thinking that false eyelashes are not for you because you are not interested in looking like you're auditioning for a Broadway show.

You may be surprised to learn that all false eyelashes don't have to look like the ones you see on TV and in magazines.

Or maybe you're saying, "I don't need to learn how to apply false eyelashes because I can just buy the latest mascara I saw on a commercial. That will make my eyelashes look fake, right?"

Well, did you know that most of the models on mascara commercials are actually wearing false eyelashes? In fact, in recent years, many of these commercials have actually been banned because of "false" advertising.

You will find that you have total control of how thick and long you want your lashes to be. I would also like to bring to your attention with the addition of longer fuller lashes more eye makeup might be necessary for balance.

How To Apply False Eyelash Facts

  • Keep in mind that false eyelashes can either help you achieve a very natural look or a more dramatic look depending on the type of lashes you purchase.
  • The first step of wearing any kind of false eyelash is learning how to apply them. Although learning how to apply false eyelashes can seem challenging at first, after just a little practice, you will be a pro.
  • The main complaint people have when they are trying to master false eyelash application is that they are nervous to glue anything to their face. When you buy your false lashes, they should come with a small tube of special eyelash glue that is not supposed to harm your eyes. Do not use regular glue to apply your lashes.

The First Step

  • When you open the lashes carefully pick them up with tweezers and hold them up to your eye. Chances are, the lashes will be wider than your actual eye, so you can trim them until they follow the natural shape and width of your own lashes.
  • It is important to have the correct width for you lashes because if they are too wide, they will make your eyes look like they are drooping down in the corners. Make sure you trim the lashes in very small sections, otherwise you run the risk of cutting off too much and ruining your false lashes.
  • Once your lashes are the perfect width use a toothpick to apply the glue to the line at the base of the false lashes. Using your tweezers to help you, press the lashes onto your natural eyelash line. Apply pressure for about one minute to allow the glue to set.
  • A little bit of the glue may ooze onto your eyelid, but don't worry, it should dry clear. You can remove the excess glue with a toothpick, and cover any that is left at your lash line with eyeliner after the glue has dried for about 5 minutes.
  • Many women love false eyelashes because they never have to apply mascara. You do however have the option to apply mascara if you prefer. Just make sure you apply pressure to your lash line with your free hand as you apply the mascara. This will help the lashes to really adhere and help the glue to fully dry.
  • Maybe you like the concept of false lashes, but you don't feel that you need a full set of lashes. You can buy a set of individual lashes to fill in gaps at your lash line. Once you have put on your eye makeup, simply see where your lashes feel sparse, and add the individual lashes using an eyelash adhesive.
  • Once you remove your lashes at the end of the day, you can store them in their original container. Remember that the gentler you are with them, the longer they will last.

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