How To Apply Mascara ForFabulous Looking Lashes

How To Apply Mascara – if there is one cosmetic item every woman wears it is mascara. You might be a minimalist with makeup but I doubt you leave the house without mascara.

And it is common knowledge that men have been blessed with the long lashes. So, I wonder how come as women we have been shortchanged in this area. Oh well, let’s move on.

My Best Makeup Tips For You On How To Apply Mascara

applying mascara
  • Tip #1 - Choose the formula appropriate for your lashes. Formulas help you create the look you are after; dressy,casual,etc.
    • Lengthen
    • Waterproof
    • Thickening
    • Sensitive Eyes
  • Tip #2 - Select a color. A general rule is to use your hair color as a guide. The darker your hair is the darker the mascara. If it is an evening look then black would be appropriate for anyone.
  • Tip #3 - Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara.
  • Tip #4 - Apply mascara to the underside of the upper lashes and lift the brush and lashes up and out trying to keep the lashes separated.

    Wiggle the brush back and forth as you move the brush upward. Your goal is to apply mascara on to all the lashes even the hard to reach ones at the edges. Use the tip of the brush for the hard to reach places. Apply mascara to the upper lashes first and then using the tip of the brush apply to the lower lashes.
  • Tip #4 - Never pump your mascara. You pump air into the container which will dry it out.
  • Tip #5 - Apply the second coat immediately or before the first coat is dry. It will adhere better. Once the mascara is dry comb through with a lash groomer

More Helpful Hints On How To Apply Mascara

  • Tip #6 - Never go to bed without removing all makeup. Your lashes will stay in better condition and your eyes won’t be absorbing particles as you sleep.
  • Tip #7 - Applying mascara to the bottom lashes should only be done if you know you won’t have smudging. Also, if you have very dark circles it would be best not to use mascara on the bottom lashes. You do not want to draw attention to the darkness.I would also caution if you happen to be one of the fortunate ones with extremely long lower lashes. Applying mascara can create a overdone look.
  • Tip #8 - Contact wearers be careful when using thickening formulas. Because of the lash building fibers in these formulas they can irritate your eyes more easily when particles fall from the lashes. Read about a great sensitive eye mascara that gets rave reviews.
  • Tip #9 - To avoid getting mascara on the upped lid when applying tilt your head back and be careful not to blink until it is dry. (Keeping your mouth open while doing this is ok!!!!!!)
  • Tip #10 - Here is a good rule for replacement of mascara. Since the tube once opened is prone to bacteria growth it is very advisable to replace your mascara every four months. Why risk eye infections?

It's All About The Brush

mascara brushes

How to apply mascara has a lot to do with the type of brush you use. Pictured in this illustration are 5 different types of mascara brushes and each one results in a different application.

  • Brush #1 - helps the lashes to curl and lift. You start by applying to the outer lash, then towards the inner lash. Try to apply as close to the root as possible.
  • Brush #2 - this brush works nicely when you are trying to cover the hard to reach lashes in the corner of your eyes.
  • Brush #3 - if thick lashes are your goal this brush works because the bristles are very close together. The bristles are also long enough to help extend the lashes.
  • Brush #4 - this brush works well when you want definition for long defined lashes. It helps to shape and separate the lashes. It makes it easier to coat each lash.
  • Brush #5 - if reduced clumping is what you want this brush with its wide spaced bristles helps to thicken lashes.

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