How To Build a Wardrobe On a Budget

How to Build a Wardrobe - Let's go back to your last shopping trip to the grocery store.

  • Did you have a list of the items you needed?
  • If you didn't have a list, were you successful in arriving home with all the items on your mental list?
  • Did you end up with items you didn't necessarily need?
  • Did you spend more than you had intended to?

The moral of this story is if you don't know what you are looking for, how do you expect to be a successful shopper? How to build a wardrobe relies heavily on having a well thought out plan. 

Save Time Effort & Money Basics On How To Build a Wardrobe 

  • Closet cleaning - if you want to learn how to build a wardrobe, you first have to tackle the closet. It is one of the most time-consuming, dreaded chores. Many of us just can't part with clothes we don't wear. But, it must be done. Remove any clothes that do not fit, are in need of repair, are outdated, not your best colors (take the color analysis test) or perhaps you just don't like them.
  • You want to be left with good wardrobe basics such as pants, shirts, blouses, jackets etc. preferably in neutral colors. Neutrals are black, navy, brown, gray, white and denim. You want to end up with only clothes that you love, fit you properly and are in your best colors.
  • Lifestyle pieces - begin to think about the types of clothes you need for the different areas of your lifestyle: work, sports, social activities, travel, evening and holidays. Each one of these area needs its own capsule wardrobe.
  • Determine a budget - let's face it you do spend money on clothes. If you buy a little here and there it all does add up. Why not determine what you can afford and systematically organize your shopping so you end up with the items you really need.
  • Make a list - after analyzing the pieces you are going to work with start to build the list. Does a certain jacket need additional pants or tops, or perhaps you have plenty pants and need tops or jackets. Armed with your list, try to build a core wardrobe of six to eight classic pieces that can mix and match. Two jackets, two pants and three to four tops are usually a good starting point.

Before You Shop Learn More Basics On
How To Build a Wardrobe

  • Be careful investing in fads - here today, gone tomorrow. Classic styling has and will be around for years. Trendy pieces fall in and out of fashion quickly.
  • Don't forget accessories - shoes can make or break an outfit and can be dated very quickly. Put on your list needed shoes, jewelry, belts or scarves to complete the look. Gone are the days when shoes have to match your bag. Add color to a bag or shoes when wearing a neutral outfit to showcase the accessory.
  • Take the "love it" test - ask yourself do you love this item. If you focus on buying clothes that you absolutely love, you will make less mistakes and your wardrobe truly will become a working wardrobe.
  • Quality vs. quantity - I believe in the old saying "you get what you pay for". In general, when you purchase higher quality clothes you get better fit, better fabrics, and better workmanship. Purchase the best quality you can afford. Rather one great blouse or jacket than two lesser quality garments.
  • "Sales" - why is it we have a hard time passing up a good sale? Have you ever notices how those so called bargains just hang in the closet? If you are shopping price tag rather than what really works for you this will happen.
  • Maintenance pays off - keep your clothes clean and pressed. Do not wear any item that is in need of repair.
  • You probably won't like this last step - shop alone! If you have studied everything on this website and know what works, trust yourself to make the right decision. If you find it helpful to get a second opinion, make sure you ask the right person. Trust someone who you think has a fashion sense and understands the principles outlined on this website.

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