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How to Choose Eyeglasses
For Your Face Shape

How to Choose Eyeglasses - If you wear glasses you know only too well how frustrating it is to choose a new pair of eyeglasses. Unless you have contacts as well as glasses you are unable to see when trying on new styles. Sometimes you bring a friend which is not always a good idea but most often you are at the mercy of the sales person. Eyeglasses come in many shapes and sizes all of which can be overwhelming for most of us. Here are some guidelines to follow on how to choose eyeglasses before you make your next purchase.

Ask Yourself the Following Questions

  • Considering your lifestyle how sturdy a frame do you need? Delicate frames do not work well if you are a busy mom with small children.
  • Do you like your current frames? Consider trying to get something close to what you like the best and of course avoid what you don’t like about them.
  • Knowing how to choose eyeglasses for your face shape will narrow down certain styles.
  • How conservative or fashion forward do you want your glasses to be. Many women choose eyeglasses for a fashion statement instead of what really works with their face shape.
  • Will you be purchasing more than one pair? Consider how to choose eyeglasses for the different lifestyle functions. In other words are the frames you choose going to work with a cocktail dress as well as your work or play clothes.
  • If you are using eyeglasses as a fashion statement you can have fun with all the wonderful styles available. Let’s face it. How many pair of shoes do you have in your closet? How much do you spend on these shoes and other accessories? Consider your eyeglasses as an accessory.
  • Are you interested in designer labels and the most fashion forward styles available?
  • Do you know the colors that will be most flattering for your hair, eye and skin tones? If not, take the color analysis test to help you determine your best colors. You are going to be making an expensive purchase and you do want to spend your dollars wisely.
  • Will you be more concerned about how your eyeglasses will look rather than how they fit? Be sure to put fit before looks. Also consider quality. Usually sales people can steer you in the direction of a better quality frame since you are not always able to recognize craftsmanship.
  • Keep in mind you will be wearing the frames you choose every day. Decide you want to love whatever it is you end up buying.

How to Choose Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape

    Determine your face shape by analyzing the angles and contours of your face. Does your face have very angular features or are you more contoured and rounded? When choosing your frames I want you to go with what you see.

    You may have read that you should go opposite your face shape but I totally disagree with this concept. Let’s face it, there is nothing wrong with a round or square face. So, why try to make it look anything other than what it is. You always want to go with the flow.

    I base my findings on the concept that you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole.

The Basic Three Steps

  • Step One - Choose frames that are in scale with the features and size of your face. You do not want tiny glasses on a larger face.
  • Step Two - The frame shape should NOT contrast with the face shape.
  • Step Three - Choose a color that is complimentary with your natural coloring. Again you want to go with the flow of your coloring. If you do not know your color season take my color analysis test now to determine your best colors.

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