How To Prevent Acne.....
There Are Things You Can Do

How to prevent acne – I sometimes encounter believers that say you can prevent acne but quite frankly I am not convinced.

Since acne does have genetic ties and regardless of what you do, you will struggle keeping your skin clear. If you are prone to acne I do think there are steps you can take to minimize the severity of the breakouts. There are many cases of acne that cannot be prevented but there are definitely things you can do to help control your outbreaks.

Acne is usually affiliated with teenagers but more and more adults are having issues. Now would be a good time to incorporate some preventative measures so you can at the very least limit the severity of the condition.

How to Prevent Acne - Practical Steps You Can Take

  • Proper Cleansing - be gentle when putting any products on your face. Before washing your face wash your hands. After all why add more germs to your face. Wash your face morning and evening with a gentle cleanser preferably one with salicylic acid. Be sure any products you use are oil free and are formulated specifically for oily skin. Never, ever go to sleep with your makeup on.
  • Germs - think about all the ways germs can come in contact with your face. Telephones and especially cell phones are a major culprit. Any clothing that comes in contact with your face should be clean. How about your pillow case? Every night as you sleep oil and debris attaches to the pillowcase. Do you wear bangs? Try to keep hair off your face and keep hair care products away from your skin.
  • How about your makeup products? Do not use old makeup and make sure your brushes are spanking clean. Avoid cosmetic products with a lot of preservatives and fragrances. Pure mineral makeup is the best product you can use for your oily skin.
  • Never try to squeeze your pimples. This can only lead to infection and usually makes them worse.
  • Reduce stress as much as possible. Stress enlarges the oil glands creating more oil production. Try using exercise which increases the circulatory system to reduce stress. Staying hydrated can also help with keeping your body detoxified.
  • If blackheads are a problem use the services of a professional esthetician. She is trained to remove blackheads without causing damage to your skin.

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