How To Put On Eyeliner And Get The Results
You Have Always Wanted

how to put on eyeliner

Once you learn how to put on eyeliner you will:

  • Add drama to your eyes
  • Will make your beautiful eye color pop
  • Add definition to the shape of your eyes
  • Help your Eyes to look larger

The First Two Steps

How to put on eyeliner depends on choosing the right colors and application based on eye shape.

  • Color - When choosing the colors for your eye shadows carefully decide on the liner color. Choose your eyeliner pencil based on your eye color. I do not recommend matching eye shadows or pencils to what you are wearing. Colors used on your eyes should compliment your eye color.
  • Golden Brown Eyes –dark brown, charcoal brown, green, eggplant
  • Green, Hazel Eyes – brown, green, eggplant,
  • Blue Eyes – gray, slate gray, navy
  • Black Brown Eyes – black, charcoal, black brown
  • Shape- you need to determine your eye shape. Read all about applying eye makeup and shapes.
  • Close Set Eyes - if you have a close set eye start the liner in the middle of the eye.
  • Wide Set Eyes - if you have a wide set eye you may line the entire upper and bottom eye lids. It is recommended to gradually fade the color out as you get towards the inner corner of the eye.
  • Average Spaced Eyes - if your eye spacing is average your liner should be about two thirds of the lid.

The Third Step of how to put on eyeliner - Types of Eyeliners

  • Eyeliner pencils are the most common form of application. There are two types of pencils; slim line and automatic. If you want a very thin line use a slim line pencil but if you want a softer look go for the automatic pencils.
  • Automatic pencils are great because they never need sharpening and generally glide on. To apply begin by holding the eye lid taut and with a pencil begin at the inner corner of the eye and draw a line as close to the lashes as possible. You do not want to see any spacing between the lash line and the liner. Using a sponge applicator blend the eyeliner to soften the look or you can use a little shadow liner to further enhance the pencil application.
  • Liquid Eyeliner is a more dramatic application and a bit harder to master. Because the product is liquid it requires a steady hand to apply in a narrow line very close to the lash line. There are two different looks you can achieve with a liquid liner. You can apply by applying a continuous sweep across the lid very close to the lashes or you can dot the liner into the area between the lashes to make it look like your lashes are very thick at the roots. I would also recommend for longer lasting application to follow the pencil liner with a little bit of a shadow liner to set the pencil line.
  • Eye shadow used as a liner is a very easy application with great results. Pick an eye shadow that has a lot of pigment in order for it to be dark enough to act as a liner. Using a very narrow and short angle liner brush dip into the shadow and apply by using short brush strokes close to the lash line. This particular application can be done with a thicker line for a softer smudgier look. It is a very easy technique. Also apply the liner to the lower lash line. And if you have never heard of this wonderful product called Stuck On You let me share what it will do. You can use this with any eye shadow. After applying your shadow liner dip the brush into one drop of Stuck On You and dot over the shadow liner. This will set and keep your liner lasting a long time.

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