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Makeup Ideas to enhance the color analysis system and add the "wow" to your makeup application. Are you an Autumn, Spring, Winter or Summer? Everyone has an undertone to their skin. Color Analysis is the system that will help you determine your need to purchase either warmer or cooler shades for your makeup. Makeup colors have to blend with your skin, hair and eyes which will result in a beautifully coordinated look.

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Ask yourself.....

Which of these best describes your shopping habits?

  • Shopper who shops for the best buy or bargain
  • Convenience is main criteria
  • You are a utility buyer - as long as it's a lipstick, blush etc. it will work
  • You look for the best value
  • You shop trends for the season
  • You know exactly which brand and color you want

It's time to take the color test which can be the turning point for all your future makeup purchases. Here's why. Once you know the colors that work the best for you all of the shopping habits listed will be history. Let's examine each one.

  • Best Buy or Bargains - you will have figured out a bargain is only "a bargain" if it works
  • Convenience - what is the point of being able to shop at the most convenient place if the colors you purchase aren't your best colors
  • Value - again cost will undermine choices
  • Trendy colors may or may not work with your coloring creating a "Barbie doll" effect
  • Focused shopper for brand and color - congratulations you know the beauty secret

Just think how great it would be to not waste money on makeup colors you don't like.

It's time to make shopping for your makeup an experience where you will love all your purchases.

Wearing your best colors will give your skin a glowing appearance. Your eyes will sparkle and lips and cheek color will add the finishing touches to the beautiful you.

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Do You Know What
Color Analysis Is?

It's learning how to buy colors that flatter your skintone, hair and eye color.

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