How to Shop For Makeup Kits
That Won’t Go to Waste

Makeup kits are collections of various cosmetic items that are usually sold at a reduced price.

makeup kit
  • Have you ever purchased such a kit?
  • Were you satisfied or disappointed with your purchase?
  • Do you still have this kit?
  • How many of the items in the kit did you actually use?
  • If you do a cost analysis on the items used, what did you really pay for the ones you liked?
  • Were the items quality products?
  • Was the kit convenient to carry in your makeup bag?
  • Were the items full size?
  • Did all the colors in the kit complement your skin tone?
  • Have you purchased more than one makeup kit hoping to find the perfect one?

Most of us love a bargain, but when it comes to choosing makeup for your face a bargain only works if the make up kit you are choosing has your best colors in it.

Here is my rule of thumb "you usually get what you pay for..."

What to Look For When Shopping For Make-up Kits

  • If you purchase an eye shadow kit with 30 colors, you probably won't use more than 6. My suggestion would be to purchase no more than 3-4 colors in small compacts. This combination should either be warm or cool colors not a combination in the same kit.
  • If you purchase a kit with a pink and a peach blush your skin tone will only look good in one of these. The undertone of your skin will determine which one will be best. Therefore do not purchase kits with opposite color tones.
  • If you purchase a mineral powder kit and there are only 3-4 colors to choose from, the odds are you wasted your money on a color that is either too light or too dark. Make a purchase for a kit only if you were able to obtain a sample first.
  • If a kit is a combination of lipstick, blush, etc. chances of all the items working are slim. You know how lipstick is almost impossible to buy without trying. How much money have you wasted on the wrong color?
makeup kits

The Best Makeup Kits Available

There is a small prerequisite that you must do to have success in this area. You need to know your color season. Before you go any further take the color analysis test and then you can choose the perfect makeup collection/kit for you.

  • Makeup collection for the winter woman
  • Makeup collection for the summer woman
  • Makeup collection for the autumn woman
  • Makeup collection for the spring woman

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Do You Know What
Color Analysis Is?

It's learning how to buy colors that flatter your skintone, hair and eye color.

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