Use Good Makeup Techniques:
Avoid these Makeup Faux Pas

Isn't it amazing how easy it is to see the makeup techniques faux pas on someone else? And yet we never see ourselves in this same situation.

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Common Makeup Application Mistakes

Let's make sure you don't make these very common mistakes with your makeup techniques:

  • Concealers - should be a shade lighter than your foundation to conceal dark circles. Use a matching shade to conceal blemishes and puffiness. Use a synthetic brush for precision application.
  • Liquid Foundation - should match your jaw line. This is the number one faux pas. We have all seen the horrors of a foundation line. I would actually recommend you do a test swab on your neck just under the jaw line to get the best match. Foundation is used to smooth the complexion not add color to the face.

    Over applying foundation to cover your bad complexion only makes it worse.Change your foundation color with the seasons. If you tan during the summer a darker color will be needed.

Eyebrows are your most neglected feature. This is one of the best makeup techniques I can give you. Your eyebrows are the frames for your eyes. They give lift and dimension. Think of it this way, you wouldn't hang a beautiful painting without a frame; neither should you overlook the grooming of your brows. And please no drawn in brows. There are brow gels, powders and tints for a more natural look.

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Use The Right Makeup Tools

Do you know how to apply makeup using the correct tools?

  • Use the appropriate brush for the specific application.
  • Another faux pas I see women make is trying to apply makeup with the wrong or worse yet dirty tools. Brushes need to be spanking clean. Choosing the proper applicator will pay dividends resulting in a flawless application.
  • No black eyeliner unless you have dark brown eyes and very dark hair. It will have a tendency to close in your eyes instead of making them look larger. Here is a general rule; dark colors shrink and recede. Light colors advance and bring forward.
  • Avoid ring around the lips. Quite a few years ago a fad was to line your lips with a darker color than your lipstick. You can avoid this by filling the lips in with the pencil before applying your lip color. Your lipstick will also stay on better using this technique.
  • Lipstick and blush colors that do not match your skin - use my color analysis tips to help you achieve complimentary colors for a more natural look.

More Makeup Beauty Secrets

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