Mineral Make Up for Your
Color Season

Mineral Make Up - Knowing how to choose the best mineral make-up quality is one thing, knowing how to choose your best colors is quite another.

Let's Talk About Colors...

I am sure you have all experienced purchasing the wrong color cosmetic item which is very frustrating.

I want to help you create your very own look with mineral makeup that flatters your coloring.

Have you taken the color analysis test yet? If no, can I ask you do that before you go any further?

This will give you valuable information in discovering which mineral make up colors will be best for you.

Look what a mineral make up powder in the right color can do for someone with Rosacea.

before rosacea makeup after rosacea makeup

Applying makeup color should be determined by your undertone, not the color you see on the surface of your skin.

A warm season with yellow undertones can look very pink on the surface just like a cool season can appear very olive.

I want you to think of the intensity of your skin depth on a scale from 1 - 10.

When choosing color you should be looking at color with two factors in mind, depth and undertone.

The categories below are set up to pick your undertone and depth. Pick your depth first and then undertone.

When shopping for mineral makeup powders you need to look at all the choices.

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9 shades loose mineral powder

Look at the entire range and try to put them in order going from light to dark.

Choose your depth and then look at the tone of the powder. If it looks pink it will be cool. If it looks yellow it will be warm.

Depth Undertone Season
1 Very Light warm spring, autumn
1 Very Light cool winter, summer
2/3 Light warm spring, autumn
2/3 Light cool winter, summer
4/5/6 Medium warm spring, autumn
4/5/6 Medium cool winter, summer
7/8/9 Medium Dark warm spring, autumn
7/8/9 Medium Dark cool winter, summer
10 Dark warm spring, autumn
10 Dark cool winter, summer

Choosing the right color is crucial but there are some other factors to consider.

  • Have you purchased a mineral powder only to find your face gets too shiny?
  • Did the mineral powder bring attention to your fine lines or large pores?
  • Did you get the coverage you expected?

Go to best mineral makeup for answers to these questions.

loose mineral powder with kabuki brush

One thing is for sure, the excitement about mineral make up is contagious. Once you have tried it you will love it.

But be warned... not all minerals are pure.

It is possible even though a mineral is pure it can still have negative effects like shine and some skin irritation.

A product may start out to be pure but can have additives that defeat the purpose of the purity of the mineral ingredients.

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It's learning how to buy colors that flatter your skintone, hair and eye color.

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