How Difficult Can it Be to Apply Natural Mineral Makeup?

It's not. When you use a natural mineral makeup for applying makeup, the techniques are different because you are trying to get coverage with a powder instead of a liquid.

Most minerals are in a loose powder form. This holds true for foundation powders, blushes and eye shadows.

natural mineral makeup

Powder minerals are very versatile. Because natural minerals are pure you can use the same color for blush, eyes, and face.

Some Helpful Hints about Minerals

  • Mineral powders appear to be messier than compacts. Although they come in a loose form, once you have learned how to use them, you will discover they are very easy to use.
  • To avoid getting too much color on your eyes, swirl the brush in your cap and tap to remove excess. I generally use the small amount that always settles in the cap.
  • They are extremely concentrated. A very little goes a long way.

Go to the best mineral makeup page for more information on ingredients.

Before applying makeup, I would recommend using a facial primer to prepare the skin to accept product.

Follow These Steps for Using Natural Mineral Makeup

  • Step 1 - Assemble the necessary makeup brushes. A kabuki brush which is a very dense brush is specially designed for use with mineral powders. You will also need a small synthetic brush for use with concealers.
  • Step 2 - Foundation powder. With the cap on, shake some powder into the cap. Open the container and using a kabuki brush dip the brush into the powder scooping up a very small amount. Swirl the brush around in the cap and tap off the excess. Start application by applying to the most uneven area of your face first and then continue to spread and blend until the entire face has been powdered.
  • The coverage you get will depend on the type of applicator you are using. The general rule for evaluating makeup brushes is the denser the applicator the heavier the application. As an example, a sponge or foundation brush would yield the heaviest application. The less dense the brush is the airier the application will be. This also holds true for dry vs. wet in applying makeup or applying eye shadow. The drier the applicator the lighter the application will be.
  • Step 3 - Concealers. There are mineral concealers formulated with more concentrated ingredients to give extra coverage. Use concealers with a synthetic brush. Apply to dark areas using a dabbing motion for coverage.
  • Step 4 - Eye shadows and blush. When choosing colors for applying eye makeup or blush use very intense colors sparingly. Mineral shadows have a lot of pigment and a very little goes a long way.
natural mineral powders

If you are going to use natural mineral makeup as an eye liner, I would recommend a wonderful product called Stuck On You.

After applying the shadow you can use the same applicator and dab a small amount of this product over the liner to set the color giving long lasting results.

It's time to take a color analysis test to be able to choose your best mineral make-up colors.

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