Is Organic Makeup For You?

Organic Makeup - Do you know what's in your makeup? Interestingly enough, most women don't really care about the ingredients in their makeup. In a world that is so focused on beauty, we don't usually pay attention to the ingredients in our makeup.

As long as it makes us look pretty, it doesn't matter what it's made of. Many of us will pay extra money for organic foods, but insist on buying common makeup brands.

Organic makeup is makeup that is made with natural ingredients, and is certified organic. Because of the carcinogens in traditional makeup, advocates of organic products feel that in the interest of good health, it is the only logical choice.

Supporters point out the fact that you wouldn't apply harsh household chemicals to your face on a regular basis, and by the same token, you shouldn't be applying non-organic makeup and cosmetics to your face.

Know Your Ingredients

  • When you apply makeup to your face your makeup doesn't just sit on our skin. Makeup is actually absorbed into your skin.

    In fact, over the course of your lifetime, you can ingest up to 4 whole tubes of lipstick. With that in mind, supporters of organic makeup feel that women should be able to have choices.
  • Organic makeup is usually made from organic plant extracts, and since they are natural, most people feel that these products are much better for your skin.

    If you are someone who uses this purer form of product you may have noticed that your skin is noticeably clearer, and your complexion is brighter.

    While not all skin problems are connected to the use of skincare products, sometimes breakouts and other skin irritations are actually caused by the very same makeup that is worn on a daily basis.
  • Organic products are the perfect choice for those who have sensitive skin and who have sensitivities to fragrances and certain foods.

    Women who have these types of allergies and sensitivities, may have tried "natural" makeup only to discover that they were still experiencing adverse reaction. That's because the term "natural" doesn't necessarily mean "organic".
  • There are some women who do not have any allergies to traditional makeup but choose organic because it is usually cruelty free.

    There are women who dedicate their lives to speaking up for animals that can't speak for themselves in support of no testing on animals. The good news is although most makeup was tested on animals in the past, cosmetic companies no longer test their products on animals.
  • If you're concerned about the price of organic cosmetics, you will be happy to hear that many brands are comparable to department store brands. However, those who have worn preservative free makeup for years believe that much like organic food, it is worth its weight in gold.
  • While there are some entire cosmetic lines that are devoted to producing only organic makeup, you can also find natural beauty supplies at many health food stores. Not only can you find organic makeup, but you can also purchase organic nail polish, hair color and shampoos.
  • Beautiful Face

    Those who don't support this concept feel that there really is no harm in using traditional makeup, and that organic cosmetic companies use scare tactics to convince the public to use their products.

  • Cosmetic companies list the ingredients in their products allowing you to check and see if you have any allergies to the products.

    You probably have no way of really knowing if you have an allergy to Dibutyl phthalate or Isopropyl Alcohol. Since healthy skin is so important to most women, using anything less than organic is not an option.

  • Although most organic plant materials are completely safe, consumers should be aware that there are actually some ingredients in organic makeup that can be potentially questionable. Let’s face it I know women who are allergic to oranges.

    While it is safe to say there is no miracle makeup that is absolutely perfect, if you find an organic makeup that works for you and makes you feel beautiful, that is really all that matters.

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