Is Organic Mascara Right For You?

What Is Organic Mascara? When you hear the term "organic", you are probably thinking of a chic, organic grocery store, but did you know that there is a mascara without all of the additives and chemicals of traditional mascara classified as organic.

Here Are Some Facts You Might Want To Know

  • Organic cosmetic products are gaining popularity because women feel that no matter what mascara promises, putting potentially harsh chemicals near your eyes isn't worth the trouble. Not all of the ingredients in mascara are potentially harmful, but some of them are believed to cause serious health issues down the road.
  • Sometimes women switch their mascara because they are actually allergic to some of the ingredients in traditional mascaras. If any of you have ever gotten mascara in your eyes, you can't deny how badly it can make your eyes burn. Many times women who wear contacts complain that no matter how "flake free" a mascara claims to be, it can still flake off and cause irritation in your eyes.
  • A quick comparison between the ingredient list of organic and traditional mascaras proves that the ingredients in organic are definitely less intimidating, and have more easily recognizable names. A staple ingredient is beeswax, which is great for conditioning the lashes.

Organic Eye Makeup Removers And Eye Liners Gaining In Popularity

  • Women who use a chemical free mascara feel that if they use traditional makeup removers, they are defeating the purpose of having used the organic mascara in the first place. For this reason, organic eye makeup removers are increasing in popularity as people try to "go green" with their cosmetics.
  • You can also find organic eyeliners and eye shadows. If you've ever tried organic eye shadow and decided that the lack of chemical dyes made the color less than impressive, you can always add a little bit of water to the eye shadow to achieve a richer pigment.
  • For many women, their mascara application has become their signature look. A well known makeup artist even admits that the process she used to apply makeup on her celebrity clients took one solid hour. However, because of fantastic results, her clients demanded that she apply it that way every single time. One of the main complaints people have is that they are not nearly as effective as traditional mascaras. Women who are addicted to the false eyelash look that they can achieve from several coats of traditional mascara feel that they are being cheated when they purchase an organic product. As a result, some women will switch all of their other makeup to organic, and still continue to use their favorite mascaras. Of course, this option does not sit well with organic makeup supporters because they feel that by not switching all of your makeup to organic, you are still harming your body.

It Comes Down To Using Less Chemicals

  • Some women who have tried to switch but have felt that the mascara removal process was not worth the trouble. They felt that it either came off too easily, such as during their workout, or they felt that it stayed on too well, resulting in "raccoon eyes" the next day. Beautiful Face Of course those who love organic mascara feel that any inconveniences such as raccoon eyes or having to reapply their mascara more than once is really a small price to pay when it comes to not using harsh chemical near their eyes.
Beautiful Face
  • Another common complaint is that organic mascaras have a strong smell that can stay with you most of the day, even after the mascara has dried.

    Because of that less than pleasant scent, some people have decided that they'd rather just stick with their old mascara instead of risking a 12 hour headache from the organic mascara smell. Keep in mind however, that not all organic mascaras have a strange smell, and if you buy one that you don't like, you should be able to exchange it for a new organic mascara with no hassle.

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