Getting the Results like the Pros, with Professional Cosmetics

Would you like to be your own makeup artist and have access to the professional cosmetics and skin care products the pros use?

Are you someone who desires a simple makeup application using a quality product?

Do you want your makeup to look natural and sophisticated with products that won't irritate your skin?

The pros know how to use cosmetics to achieve the desired professional results.

professional cosmetics application

The pros also know there is a recipe for achieving results when it comes to makeup application. They know it has to start with the canvas, namely your skin. Is it in good condition? Do you have skin issues?

Are you plagued with rosacea, birthmarks, hyperpigmentation (brown spots), bruises or scars, and need camouflage makeup?

Is your skin dry, sensitive, oily or acneic?

Perhaps you are concerned about aging and need the best anti-aging products available.

A professional cosmetic application has to start with your skin.

My Professional Beauty Secrets...

My recipe for receiving the desired effects has to contain all of the following:

  • Choose the best skin care routine and products available. Your face is so visible every day, it is impossible to hide. All the makeup in the world won't cover up a flawed skin. Think of how great you feel when you know your skin is glowing and healthy.
  • Discover my number one beauty secret, color analysis. It's all about using the right colors to enhance your natural beauty. You know how awful a foundation line or the wrong color lipstick can look. Knowing your seasonal color analysis takes the guess work out of choosing flattering colors.
  • With a flawless complexion and knowing your best colors it's time to learn how to apply makeup with quality professional cosmetics. When you apply your makeup it is best to not do the ala carte version. Only applying eye makeup or a cover-up is a half finished canvas. If your fear is looking too made up just apply small amounts of everything - powder, eyes, brows, cheeks and lips.
makeup selection
  • If you are going to be a pro do what the pros do... invest in quality makeup brushes. Most makeup artists invest in their tools. Choose natural hair brushes for optimum results.
  • Become familiar with basic cosmetic ingredients. If you have sensitivities read labels and know what to avoid. Learn about the more favorable cosmetic ingredients to look for in your product choices to achieve maximum results.

You too can be a pro, with the help of my exclusive Carol Thompson Cosmetics and skin care products. 

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Do You Know What
Color Analysis Is?

It's learning how to buy colors that flatter your skintone, hair and eye color.

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