21 Pure Mineral Makeup Shades
To Choose From
Contains No Bismuth or Mica

Pure Mineral Makeup means you are using an organic product formulated with pure minerals and nothing else. Unlike other minerals on the market our minerals do not have Mica or Bismuth. Mica is a shine agent bringing attention to lines and large pores and Bismuth is a known skin irritant.

Pure mineral makeup is made exclusively from pure natural micronized rocks that are ground up and pulverized. The result is a very fine powder that can be used for foundations, blushes, eye shadows, etc. Pure minerals also have exceptional natural healing qualities.

I am sure you will agree the hardest part of choosing a mineral is choosing the right color. I am going to present a chart to you that should take the guesswork out of this step.

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When choosing a mineral powder the concept is a bit different from choosing a liquid foundation. Minerals have a chameleon ability which means if the depth is correct they will disappear on your skin. Instead of trying to guess your undertone we are looking at the surface color and depth of your skin.

Most of our powders fall into the neutral range. Unless your skin is very golden, olive, yellow or very pink you will be using a color from the neutral range.

I want you to think of your skin as having a depth that will range from 1 - 10 with 1 being very, very fair and 10 being very black skin.

Once you know where you fit you will easily be able to pick out the color that works best for you.

Pure Mineral Makeup
Depth Undertone Color Name
1 Very Light neutral Extra Light
1 Very Light neutral Light
2 Light yellow Buff
2 Light neutral Sand
2/3 Lt. Med. neutral Nude
2/3 Lt. Med. pink Cool Beige
2/3 Lt. Med. yellow Toasted
3/4 Lt. Med. neutral Cashew
3/4 Lt. Med. pink Fawn Beige
3/4 Lt. Med. neutral Almond
3/4 Lt. Med. neutral Natural
4/5 Medium neutral Adobe
4/5 Medium pink Natural Beige
4/5 Medium neutral Cameo
5/6 Medium neutral Malt
5/6 Medium neutral Latte
5/6 Medium neutral Tan
6/7 Med. Dark pink Rose Beige
6/7 Med. Dark yellow Suntan
7/8 Dark yellow Cocoa
7/8 Dark neutral Caramel

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