Summer Color Analysis Expanded for the Summer Woman

More mistakes are made with summer color analysis than any other season. If you are not sure of your season click here for more info.

If you are sure of your season let me show you how to choose your best colors and have makeup choices that will totally complete the picture.

Your coloring is very soft and your eyes are blue or blue green. You absolutely love your pastels and rarely wear bright colors. Your makeup is always soft and your hair color is that true mousy brown which you usually end up coloring.

To make the most of your summer color analysis I would like to help you understand your season better. Let me show you how your coloring falls into one of three distinct categories.

  • Light Summer - Ash blond hair and blue eyes
  • Cool Summer - Medium ash brown hair and blue gray eyes
  • Muted Summer - Medium ash brown hair and green eyes

You will find that you have additional color choices that you can borrow from the other seasons depending which category you fit into.

For the purpose of really fine tuning your summer color analysis, I am going to list your best clothing colors as well as your best makeup colors for your palette. This means that these are the colors that are absolutely your very best when worn by the face.

You can still wear the rest of your colors from your palette but they will be best when you either mix them with one of your best colors or wear them from the waist down. For example; if the jacket is not one of your best colors wear it with a sweater or blouse that is your best color.

summer lipstick colors

Makeup Colors for Summers

I am also going to list for you your secondary group of colors that are not in your season but compliment you as a summer woman. I do want you to keep in mind these are not your very best colors but they will work nicely with your individual category.

Light Summer

Your Best Colors

  • Pale Pinks
  • Pale Blue
  • Soft Violet
  • Periwinkle
  • Medium Blue
  • Watermelon Red
  • Blue Gray
  • Navy
  • Off White

Your Secondary Colors

  • Peachy Pink
  • Soft Salmon
  • Turquoise
  • Teal Blue
  • Aqua Blue
  • Coral

Cool Summer

Your Best Colors

  • Pink - light to medium shades
  • Blue Gray - light to dark
  • Teal Blue
  • Blue Green
  • Blue Reds
  • True Blue
  • Watermelon Red
  • Navy
  • Off White

Secondary Colors

  • Hot Pink
  • Burgundy
  • True Red
  • Turquoise
  • Royal Blue

Muted Summer

Your Best Colors

  • Mauve
  • Blue Red
  • Burgundy
  • Plum
  • Dark Blue Green
  • Blue Gray
  • Navy
  • Rose Brown
  • Rose Beige

Secondary Colors

  • Salmon
  • Rust
  • Tomato Red
  • Purple
  • Teal Blue
  • Olive Green
  • Jade Green
  • Dark Periwinkle

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