Types of Facial Scrubs

Types of Facial Scrubs - A facial scrub is a product used to remove dead skin cells and dry patches from your face.

You might ask yourself why is this important. Since we strive for healthy beautiful and glowing skin, using a facial scrub along with the correct skin care products will help you reach your goal. I consider it one of the basic steps of good skincare.

In essence you are exfoliating your skin with a product that will aid in getting rid of the old cells and allowing new cells to build thereby minimizing pores and fine lines.

There are three ways to accomplish this.

  • Choose a facial scrub designed for your skin type
  • Read more about salon facials
  • Make your own homemade scrub

How To Use a Facial Scrub

  • Choose the right type of scrub for your skin type
  • Make sure you follow the directions on the container for appropriate usage
  • Scrub should be applied to a clean wet skin
  • Massage scrub gently over the face and neck areas
  • Rinse with lots of water
  • Keep scrub in the shower so you won't forget to use it
  • Follow with the rest of your skincare routine

Types of Scrubs and Exfoliators


Mechanical exfoliation - using an abrasive to remove the dead skin cells. This method is achieved with such ingredients as crushed nuts, kernels or shells.

You are actually massaging your skin with an abrasive to remove the dead cells.You can also massage your skin with exfoliants such as a loofah or rough sponge.

apple with strips of orange

Chemical exfoliation - is achieved with ingredients that include your alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic acid and your fruit acids. Depending on the concentration these ingredients are designed to dissolve the cells allowing for the exfoliation of unwanted dead skinvcells.

Top of Types of Facial Scrubs 

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