What is Adult Acne....
Why Am I Having These Skin Issues Now?

What is Adult Acne - simply put it is someone who gets acne after the age of 25. It is more common to associate acne with teenagers. However close to one quarter of the population suffers from adult acne. It is even possible for someone's skin to be worse at a later age than when they were younger.

Acne can be inherited. Usually if one parent has had it chances are you can also get it. If, both parents have had acne, than the odds are even greater that you will get it.

  • Regardless of age acne is a condition of oil and dead skin cells clogging the pores. When the pores become clogged and can’t breathe they fester and become inflamed.
  • Hormones play an active role in acne. When young it's puberty and as we age it’s the hormonal effects of getting older. For many adult females your breakouts are due to an imbalance in your estrogen levels due to pregnancy, menstrual cycles and various stages of menopause. Using certain birth control medications can also add to breakouts. Men are plagued with acne as well and tend to have more severe cases due to their higher levels of testosterone.
  • Psychological effects sometimes are the worst part of having acne. Scarring and having to deal with blemishes on your face can be devastating to many individuals. Studies have shown it can cause depression and low self-esteem.
  • It is important to find your best treatment as quickly as possible. Read about how to prevent acne with some practical advice. If this doesn’t work I would recommend going to see a dermatologist for prescription treatments.
  • Adult acne affects almost one third of adult men and women. Statistics show dermatologist are seeing more acne patients than ever before. Skin issues plague most of us at some point in our lives but for a good majority it becomes more problematic.
  • Since most acne medications are formulated for teenagers who have very oily skin adults find themselves with products that are not always very helpful. I would suggest purchasing products from skincare professionals rather than the drug store.

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