Whitening Teeth Naturally
To Enhance Your Smile

Whitening Teeth Naturally - Our smile is usually the first thing people notice when they meet us. And for some people, such as models and actors, their smile can make or break their career. Although not everyone's occupation is dependent upon having pearly whites, most of us want to have a beautiful, white smile. To some of us it can be a self esteem issue.

There are many variables that cause our teeth to appear yellow and stained. If you drink coffee on a daily basis you will notice that it is harder to maintain your bright smile. But coffee drinkers aren't the only ones who are susceptible to experiencing stained teeth. Teas, sodas, fruit juices, cigarette smoke, certain medicines and certain foods can also stain teeth.

While you may feel that the only way to get a celebrity smile is to spend hundreds of dollars on teeth whitening products, you may be surprised to learn that there is an easier way to achieve a whiter smile. The monetary price of the teeth whitening process is not what women are worried about. Instead, they are more interested in the process of whitening teeth naturally as opposed to using harsh chemicals to brighten their teeth. The good news is there are many ways you can whiten your teeth naturally so you can be in control of exactly what goes into your body.

Foods That Can Whiten Teeth


    Like most teeth conscious women, you are probably aware of which foods are notorious for staining teeth. However, if you've ever avoided strawberries because you were afraid the red fruit and juice would stain your teeth, you might be surprised to learn that you were actually avoiding a fruit that is known for whitening teeth naturally. The malic acid acts as an astringent to keep teeth cleansed. Mix 1 strawberry plus ½ teaspoon baking soda and use once a week. Thoroughly rinse and brush with toothpaste after using this method.

More Natural Remedies

  • It is common for those seeking a whiter smile to mash a strawberry and "brush" their teeth with the pulp, however, the acid in strawberries can sometimes cause enamel damage when used in this way.
  • Instead of intentionally using strawberries as a natural tooth whitening agent, it may be a good idea to simply eat strawberries, and allow them to naturally whiten your teeth.
  • Other foods that can assist in whitening teeth naturally are apples, celery, broccoli, carrots and cucumbers. These foods activate saliva to naturally remove stains.
  • Another effective way of whitening teeth is to use baking soda. Keep in mind that it can be very salty, so if you prefer, you can mix it with your usual toothpaste and brush your teeth as you usually do.

    If you don't mind the salty flavor, you can make a baking soda paste by mixing baking soda and water together in a small container. When making the paste use small amounts of water at a time to avoid the paste from becoming too runny. Brush your teeth gently to avoid causing your gums to burn. Even many dentists can agree that occasionally using baking soda is an effective and safe way of whitening teeth naturally.
  • Although lemon juice is a popular method of whitening teeth naturally, it is a good idea to avoid this process. Lemon juice strips the tooth enamel of calcium and can cause irreparable damage to teeth. Women have seen temporary improvement with the use of lemon juice but the result is not long lasting.
  • In order to keep your teeth naturally white, it is important to brush them after every meal and floss 1-2 times a day. Try replacing your soda, teas or coffee with water and using straws with cold drinks can be helpful.

Beauty Secrets For Your Smile

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