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Mascara and Eye

Who Invented Mascara? When it comes to makeup necessities, it is a well known fact that mascara is your best friend. Even when you are pressed for time, you usually won't leave the house without lip gloss and the wonder cosmetic known as mascara.

Let's Give Thanks to Eugene Rimmel

  • Since kohl eye makeup can be traced back to ancient times, there is sometimes confusion concerning who actually invented mascara.
  • The first mascara was invented in the 19th Century by Eugene Rimmel. Eugene opened his very own perfumery, the House of Rimmel, in 1834, and he was later deemed "The Prince of Perfumers." Together, he and his father were the developers of the very first cosmetics, and by the time he was only 24, Rimmel was a successful and creative inventor of many health and hygiene products.
  • On his list of inventions and beauty developments you will find the first non-toxic mascara. In fact, this invention became so wildly popular that in many languages, the word for 'mascara' is "rimmel." Today, the company, Rimmel (Rimmel London), is owned by Coty, Inc., although it stayed within the Rimmel family until 1949.
  • Even though Eugene Rimmel was the man who invented mascara, mascara in the form that we know was developed by a chemist named T.L. Williams in 1913. Many who are hopeless romantics appreciate Williams' story.

    His sister, Mabel, had a boyfriend named Chet, who was rumored to be in love with another woman. T.L., being a loving brother mixed coal dust and Vaseline and instructed Mabel to apply the concoction to her eyelashes. As the (true) story goes, Mabel not only won Chet back, but they were married a year later.

    This testimony alone is enough to convince some women to wear mascara everyday. By combining the words Mabel and Vaseline, T.L. developed the cosmetic giant, Maybelline, in 1915.

    Although he initially sold his products through mail order catalogs, mascara was readily available at five and dime stores by the 1930's

While We Are On The Subject of Mascara……

  • You probably already know...whether you have skinny, short, sparse lashes, or all of the above, just a couple of applications can transform your lashes into frames for your beautiful eyes.

    And while there are prescription and non prescription products on the market that promise to thicken and lengthen lashes, many women would rather forgo the laundry list of side effects and take the old fashioned route and use cosmetics to achieve similar results.

    Any woman who has benefited from using mascara has probably wondered on more than one occasion, exactly who invented mascara.
  • Mascara isn't only available in the traditional shades of black and brown, it is produced in a host of fun, fashion forward colors. Whether you are searching for navy, green, purple, orange, teal, silver, pink, etc., there is mascara that will suit your personal style.

    Some mascaras are even made with glitter to give your eyes an extra glow and sparkle. Although these types of mascaras are fun to wear on occasion, it is probably not a good idea for contact wearers or those with sensitive eyes to wear them on a daily basis. The glitter in the mascara can sometimes fall into the eye and cause eye irritation.
  • I wonder if the person who invented mascara would have imagined that it would become such a staple in every woman's makeup bag. And today, not only are there mascaras in different shades, they also have different purposes.

    While there are some mascaras that are solely for the purpose of providing you with longer lashes, there are others that can offer one of a kind thickening. For women who want to add a little extra "oomph" and drama to their look, there are special lengthening formulas that can be applied under a coat of traditional mascara.

    These lengtheners are typically white in color and make lashes appear significantly longer and fuller.

    However, these lengthening primers are sometimes frowned upon by women who feel that an extra step will only slow them down in the morning. To address these needs, mascaras come with built in lengthening fibers so that women could have the same results without adding an extra step to their makeup regimen.

    Having two separate products offers more choices especially if you have sensitive eyes and you only want the lengthening on special occasions.

    Mascara has also been touted as a quick touch up for a few gray hairs coming in or a quick "root job."

From special applicator wands to waterproof formulas, to formulas that promise to curl the lashes, mascara could be described as one of the most diverse cosmetics. It is loved by so many because of its many different uses. The eyes are the window to the soul, and for this reason, no woman wants to be caught without at least one coat of their favorite mascara. So let's give a big thanks to Rimmel who invented mascara.

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