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Are you ready to learn the top two beauty secrets that will change your approach to all your beauty choices?

Look at the pictures below. This woman went from pale to vibrant just by using the right color clothing and makeup.

Woman With Wrong Colors Woman With Right Colors

Let's daydream a little and imagine the possibilities...

  • Your skin is beautiful
  • Your Makeup is flawless
  • You have the neatest hair style
  • Your outfit compliments your body type
  • You are looking 10 years younger
  • You have a new found confidence
  • This system works for all age groups
  • ... and best of all, you learned how to confidently make all these choices on your own.
natural beauty with a rose Mature Woman

Discover Your Inner Beauty Secrets...

The best beauty secret I can give you is to have a color analysis.

You know there are certain colors that appeal to you more than others, and when you choose a less than favorable color you look pale and your skin looks uneven.

The focus of my website is to help you to discover your best colors with the original four season system originally called Color Me Beautiful.

This system helps you determine whether you are a Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring woman based on the undertone of your skin.

How Colors Will Enhance Your Natural Beauty

It teaches you how to shop for your best colors so your skin and personal coloring radiate.

Choosing your best colors absolutely affects every choice you make when shopping for:

  • cosmetics
  • hair color
  • clothing
  • and eyeglasses

Color does not have a price tag. It is just as easy to buy the most flattering colors as it is to buy those that are not your best.

Within each of the four seasonal palettes is a wide range of colors. Each season has red, green, yellow, blue, purple, brown, etc. The difference will be in the shade, intensity and undertone of the color.

This system is not limiting.

Any color that is not in your palette can be worn, just not close to your face. There are wallets of fabric colors for each of the seasons that you can carry with you to shop.

Did I mention the color analysis system also saves you money and there's no more impulse shopping?

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The Next Steps...

A little overwhelmed? Don't be. I am here to take you step by step...

This is just a small selection of the makeup beauty tips and advice available on the site, so browse through and enjoy!

All the best,

Carol Thompson

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